My daily Outfits (Part 1)

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The first outfit on the left: I totally love this outfit, the Pop-Art Tee goes with almost anything yet I like the dark skinny Jeans with this the best, then the Brown belt, my leather jacket  and some Sneakers, and I´m ready to go!!! Sometimes I like to pair this Outfit with some long dangling earrings.

The 2nd outfit, it´s one of my ” Gosh I have nothing to wear”- outfits, which is pretty and nice, yet nothing Special. On days like that I just throw on my pink t-shirt, my collage-style jacket, some Pants, my Sneakers and if it´s cold; my awesome leather jacket!!!

This outfit I find so cool! It´s so easy and so pretty! All I do is I put on a long-sleeve tee (or pullover) then some Jeans and my white hole sweater (it´s handmade!!). I Dress this up with my long necklace that i´m so proud of because I made it myself!! 🙂



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I am a nature-loving, reading and writing sport-freak with a passion for traveling, foreign countries and history. Besides that I love to listen to music, sing along, paint, sketch, draw, photograph literally anything and everything, talk a lot, laugh more, inspire people and enjoy life one day at a time.

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