Saumur, France

This is the first Travel-Diary post!

I was in Saumur, France for a week in a guest-family, I knew them before so that was no problem. They´re very nice, I had a great week and I ate very much very yummy french-food.

 Day 1

Well, after a very exhausting journey the day before, I got to sleep in! Then we ate breakfast:

Here´s the typical breakfast we had every day:

  • 1st of all they usually don´t use plates, they use “bol”s which is a bowl, usually filled with coffee or hot chocolate, where they dip their baguette in, which brings us to the next point
  • Toasted baguette, so yummy, I could eat and eat and eat. 😉 You could put butter with homemade jam on it (the french call it: une tartine), or honey, they´re was much to choose from. Then you could dip it in your bowl, this is called “tremper”.
  • Then there was always some fresh fruit! I loved it!

Then after playing pingpong for a long time and losing really every time, we finally had lunch. Barbecue.(Of course with Baguette! We had Baguette with everything!:-)) So good! Looks amazing, tastes amazing!! 🙂 🙂 🙂France-Barbecue

After digesting we drove out into nature, there is still some almost untouched nature there. Nous avons faire du accrobranche. Meaning: We went tree climbing! It was so fun! Very exhausting and sometimes a bit scary when you went up a level in the scale on how hard it is, then didn´t have a platform to stand on and hung up in the air at 20 meters, about 65 feet with sweaty hands and a fast beating heart. When you then had to climb up a ladder which also just hung there and swung around and moved everytime you went up, you were afterwards very glad and proud you made it. I was!

I went to bed after eating a green salad, a mushroom-omlette, Baguette with French cheese and homemade Brownies(very French;-))!

Saumur, omlette avec des champingnons


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