Day 4: Saumur, France

Day 4

On Day 4 of our jouney we got the chance to participate in a real french lesson, . Mine was SVT(=science de la vie et de la terre= science of life and the earth) in a 7th grade, which in their System is 4th grade, they count down. At first I dindn´t understand what the topic of the lesson was, until we got a sheet which said clearly that we were doing the birth of a baby. We had to put pictures in the right order, write the discreptions and listen to the teacher talk. Not that hard. For us. The students had to know everything of that lesson in the next lesson.

After that lesson, we drove with our bus to Rochemenier, to the Underground home. Well actually there are two farms, which were dugout, not in the way arceologysts do to find homes. No, the way when a child goes in a sandbox and builds a house, just that it´s Underground and dug out of rock. And in French those are called Villages Troglodytique. The whole Thing is quite huge, one hectar. And they have everything. They made their own wine in a sort of wine room. They have living rooms, child rooms, stables for sheep, moose, chicken (there were actual chicken running around there). They even had their own chapel. All dug out of stone. They also had furniture in their rooms, actual normal furniture. And ´They´ are normal People. The poeple who built that and lived there in ancient times. We got a quiz and were sent around in each room. Sometimes rooms ad windows, sometimes not, then it was very dark. After we had completed and corrected our quiz, we were done and drove back to the School.

There we went with others on this trip and the French to McDonalds. I hate McDonalds, I´m sorry. But I kept my mouth shut and ate a salad. Then we went around town, shopping. Also in that mall I already mentioned. I baught a Jeans blouse from a French chain called “cachecache”(=hidehide; it´s the game hide and seek). I also got presents for my Family, from “L´Occitane”, “Yves Rocher” and a shop where I baught real caramel bars from Saumur!!(My brother enjoyed them, they were very good). Again at the School we took the local bus home.

For dinner we had ” Des gallettes bretonnes avec la Ratatouille” and then the best Crêpes I have ever eaten in my whole life, and I´ve eaten many!! I ate so many of them with different things on top and I even got to turn around one by throwing it in the air and catching it again. Yes, just like in the movies!;-)

The gallettes bretonnes avec la ratatouille- soo good- I could eat there forever
The gallettes bretonnes avec la ratatouille- soooo good

After that the French and all of us on this trip had an evening of Bowling, which was okay. The organisation wasn´t the best…

DSCN0702That was Day 4 of my jouney.

I hope you liked it!

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