Day 5: Saumur, France

Day 5

On the fifth day we again had lessons with the French. I had latin. First each of us was seated next to a French. Then a French had to read a sentence, then one of us, which was me! I read horrible, I don´t learn latin. Then everyone of us had to translate that sentence, which is said easily but infact pretty hard. First of all; I DO NOT SPEAK LATIN, second, I´m not that genius in French, so… my neighbor said to my sentence, which I was really proud of, ” That´s not French!” Then the teacher came and said; ” Not bad!” (= pas mal) HA! As if that´s no French! Tsss. Everyone of the French got one or two grades up on their grade for their translation, that´s how I understood it! After the lesson the teacher came to me and said that my Translation had actually been pretty good! I was so happy!

After that we took our bus to Anger. Which is the other next big city.  We went in the ” Musée des beaux Arts”. Which I liked very much. There were a lot of very pretty and inspiring paintings there.

I liked this painting very much


Then we only got one hour of Shopping! Which with Galeries Lafayette, Sephora and so on around, is a very short time. I would have liked to stay there longer, also because the houses there were very pretty! I would like to go there again one time, if I get the Chance! It´s definatly worth going to!

The Galeries Lafayette and the fun Train!

Next we went to the “Château d´Anger”. We were all very unmotivated, because we were ripped from the shoppingworld of Anger. We got Audio guides, to visit this very big Castle. I was one of the last to stop listening to the Audio guide tour. It was just so boring! Instead we took many photos of us, which on this very beautiful castle turned out pretty good.(That´s were I found out that my posing for pictures is unprofitable, so I wanted to change that!;-))The castle is so huge it could be a tiny City, it has it´s own chapel, lot´s of buildings. And I really have to say the castle, especially the garden and the wall all around, is very beautiful! See for yourself:

A part of the Castle from the outside- Looks like one of those knight´s Castles we loved and played with when we were little


These trees reminded me of the Womping Willow in Harry Potter 😉


This garden(one of the many) is so beautiful, unfortunatley we didn´t get to go down there, because that is where the water usually is at castles
The chapel- not small right?!


Then we went drove home. For dinner we had ” Pâtes à la méditerrannee” Which is nudels with Paprika and chicken, it´s an asian recipe. Also very good.

That was Day 5!

I hope you liked it! If you did please let me know by pressing the like button below and/or leaving a comment! Thanks!

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