Day 6: Saumur, France and The Journey home

  Day 6

Day 6 was the last whole day in France, which was a bit sad because it was so fun here. We again attended School, me this time for 2 hours. We had sports. Volleyball. I´m sorry but I dislike Volleyball, I don´t know why, but yeah. And we had to Play that, first warm up, then the technical stuff and then games with teams of 3 against each other. While playing with 2 not-so-popular girls of the class, I was actually starting to like it. I don´t know what it was, maybe the teacher, maybe the atmosphere in this a bit run down sort of huge garage (we had to first walk there from the school in our sports stuff after we got dressed in a wagon- the school was being renovated…) with the two girls being so happy I played on their team eventhough we lost many times, many but not all!!;-)

After all that we went back to school and drove with our bus to the place people know Saumur for, the famous “Cadre Noir” or “L´École nationale d´équitation”, which is the national riding academy. Soo cool! You have to know, I horse-back ride! So there we had a tour around only some of the many, many stables here and we were being informed(in a very cute French accent) about the school and university here, the riding-Profs or Riding-Masters, who are dressed all in black! You have to not only have an own horse to enter and be here, but you also have to be really good in school and riding. And we even got to watch the Riding-Masters prepare for a performance. It was amazing! The whole Thing is sooo huge with lots of stables,I think for about 400 horses(don´t take my word, I´m not sure, but I´ll find out) and it´s 400 hactars large=1.5444mi²! Huge right!?! And they have a warm radiating bath for the horses to loosen their muscles after training with them or riding them. As well as preventing injuries. It was pretty informative. I would recommend this tour, but I think better would be the performances, so if you´d like to go there and are able to get tickets; go for them!

cadre noir
A bit of the huge area of the national riding school of France

Then we drove back to Saumur-City, and ate our lunch on the shore of the Loire. Then we waited for our boat and we got a boat-ride on the Loire. This was probably one of the best things we did on this whole journey, seriously! It was really pretty and with binoculars you could see soo much, and I just loved it!

Houses along the Loire- it wasn´t the best weather, but for sure you could make interesting photos!
I thought this house was worth taking a photo of
There you can see the Castle of Saumur and a bit of the city

Then we went to School and drove home to our host Familys. Where I packed, and then ate “Ratatouille avec du budin noire”. Afterwards we played two games, which were challenging my French, because you had to pick a card with words on it, choose one, and draw the word, while the Partner guesses what it is. I knew hardly any of the words.(I mean “avalanche”, who knows that word in French, and can guess what it is?!?!)

The Journey Home

The next day was the day to say good-bye. In the morning, I got up, ate something, my host-Family drove me to the bus at I think 6 or 7 am, there we took last photos, said Million thank-Yous for this really awesome week, then waved out the window with tears in the eyes and wathched while those really nice people, who had given us a week full of great experiences, got smaller and smaller until they vanished around the Corner. Saumur was also sad to see us leave, it rained, was cold and dark.;-)

The journey itself wasnt as bad, we ate, listened to music, read or just plainly talked, while our two bus-drivers drove us safley home for 16 hours! At about 10:30 pm our familys welcomed us happily again at home!!


I have to say, on this trip, I learned sooo so much. About their culture, their way of eating (dinner´s not before 8 pm), their Food, their everyday life. I got to get to know these nice people, to whom I think I will remanin to have contact for a Long long time, and who took me for a week, almost as a third child, spoiled me, showed me their everyday-life, talked real slow, repeated things over and over again, until I understood it and waited, and tried to understand me while I was building sentences. In this one week my French improved so much, I lost the dread of speaking French and  learned so many more things. I am so grateful for all that and I´d again like to say thank-you!!! So so much!!

And if you´d like to visit Saumur, once, do it, it´s so worth it, the air is really clear in this Little City,  the People are friendly and there´s lot´s to see!!

If you liked it please let me know by pressing the like button below, and commment; Would you like to visit Saumur once? Thanks!!!


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