Last Minute Halloween Snacks

I was invited to a Halloween Party and had to bring some snacks. I didn´t want to turn up with just some plain cookies, so I came up with something easy and fun. The guests liked the snacks I made and I hope you and your guests will, too. The best part was that it was so fun making them. Enough talked, let´s get started.

1. Cookie Faces


For these really fun cookie faces you´ll Need:

  • Cookies, I chose whole grain ones, just to keep them a little healthy
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets to decorate
Ingredients for Halloweensnacks
The “Schoko Strolche” are from the other snack idea, I took a photo of everything before I got started.

First thing I did, was melt the chocolate in a water bath. Then I took the Cookies and placed them on my work surface. I started to cut and form the sweets to the shape and size I wanted. After that I took the melted chocolate and “glued” the sweets on the cookies to form faces. Some turned out creepy and some rather cute. That´s all to it! The great part of this is that none of them turned out the same and they can look so different! Be inspired by this and make your own cookie faces! It´s very easy, fun and suitable for children!


This kind of candy you can cut up and create fun faces with it:


2. Chocolate Marshmallow Minions


These little buddys turned out creepier than the failed cookie faces. But nevertheless I like them and find them, at least partly, cute. Here´s what you´ll need to create them:

  • Chocolate Marshmallows
  • Sweets for the mouth and further decoration
  • Smarties, or some Kind of round sweet for the eyes
  • melted chocolate

What I did, was I started with a chocolate base for the eyes and then pressed them in firmly so that they would hold. I contines to “glue” the rest on with chocolate and formed every imaginable face. It´s as easy as that! Of course you don´t nneed to create Minions like I did, just be inspired and have fun!!


I hope you liked it and found it helpful, if you created any of these, let me know in the comments down below! And don´t forget to like!!!

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