The top Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2014

When we talk about Fashion Trends, we can destinguish between Street-Style Trends and Runway-Trends, yet they have a lot to do with each other.

Street-Style Trends are the patterns, prints, colors, fabrics,… that People on the street wear, sometimes inspired by Runway-Trends, but the difference is they wear it with their own style. That´s why it´s called Street-style. People get Inspiration from Runway-Trends, the windows in a shop, the pages of a fashion Magazine, their favorite TV Show or friends, then they decide what they like and how they´re going to wear it to fit their style. When they then go on the street, other People will get inspiration from them and maybe follow it, then you can watch what People are wearing and say like this season people are wearing XXL-Pullovers everywhere, so the Street-Style may be: XXL-Pullovers.

Then the Runway-Trends are patterns, prints, colors, fabrics, accessories,.. that are shown on the runway, TV or in stores of famous Designers, patterns, prints, … which repeat themselves in one collection or collections of different designers. There is on one hand the Haute-Couture, which you can´t really wear just like that, unless you´re a famous Movie-Star on the red carpet, and one the other there are the ready- to-wear runway Trends, which one could wear on a daily basis. Runway-Trends in different collections can be very alike, or very different. Like in the Fall/Winter Show 2014 of Chanel, all the models were wearing athletic sneakers, while in Prada´s show the models were walking on block-heels or wedges.

I have for you the top Trends of both Street-Style and Runway combined. First an overview, you can click on the links for a post all about the Trend.

  • The top pattern you can see everywhere is: PLAID!
  • Graphic-Prints and Pop-Art are in the coming, giving us a colorful contrast to the It-Colors!
  • The It-Colors are Black and White, mostly combined. Also red and purple are coming right now. (Did you know that the color “Radiant Orchid” is the color of the year, although we can´t really see it much)
  • Leather is again, or still, very in Trend. Mostly leather Jackets are the piece per se.
  • Fur is also in the coming. Fur vests or vests with fur rimmed hoods.
  • The Loop scarves are again our very cozy choice for the cold days.
  • Not only knit scarves are in trend this season, but everything imaginable in knit
  • For Sweaters, as I said above: XXL-Pullovers, they are really awesome, so easy to style, very pretty and warm!
  • For shoes, ankle boots are again our trendy choice, with heel or without doesn´t matter.

You may have noticed the links in a few bullet points, I have written a post on the trend and by using the link you can find out more! The links for the rest of the Trends will come soon!


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