The latest Trend: Plaid

The pattern called plaid has it´s origin in Scottland, where the plaid skirts or dresses are worn by men and women. But Fashion Designers “stole” the look of the Scottish and gave it a whole new meaning. Now plaid is everywhere. You can wear it as a scarf, a skirt, leggings… there are so many different ways to wear and of course style plaid. A plaid scarf is very versatile, it can give a basic look that little extra, it can give that pop of color, you can pair it with a black and white sweater for a bit of an interesting, still cool, look. I, myself, have a plaid skirt. (You may have seen it before.) I like to wear eather a black and white shirt with a leather jacket on top, or a white tee also with a leather jacket. For shoes, depending on the weather, there are a lot of different choices; I wear when it´s rainy and cold, my black boots, when ist hot, black flats, and when it´s not really cold but also not really warm, I wear eather white or red sneakers.

As you can see, I only pair my Plaid skirt with single colors, to let the skirt play the lead role. That´s one way, but it also works the other way. You can prep up any classic outfit with plaid.

Plaid, in my oppinion, is a trend worth following, and when it´s gone, one to just keep wearing it anyway.plaid

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I am a nature-loving, reading and writing sport-freak with a passion for traveling, foreign countries and history. Besides that I love to listen to music, sing along, paint, sketch, draw, photograph literally anything and everything, talk a lot, laugh more, inspire people and enjoy life one day at a time.

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