DIY: easy Make-up Organisation, Storage & Display (Christmas Gift Idea)

“Where is my conealer?? I have to go in a second, but I can´t go looking like I haven´t slept for ages!!”

Does that sound familiar to you?? If so, then I´ve got the perfect solution! I´ve been stuggeling with this for a long time now, my make-up was all over the place and since I went to Italy (if you want to follow me on my trip, click here) and shopped at Sephora, my make-up collection had grown a lot and wasn´t fitting in the place where I kept them anymore. So I took one afternoon, sat down, and I´m so proud of what I came up with, it fit´s perfectly in my room, is so stylish, it holds all my make-up so I can see everything right-away. And the best part is it didn´t take me long at all and all the stuff I needed I had lying around my house!! So if you´re interested, just keep on reading!
And this is also a nice gift idea for someone who has the same problems as you and I!

You´ll Need:

what you´ll need
Like this post, if you also like to work on the carpet;-)

Make-up storage-what you´ll need

  • Containers, I took cardboard boxes (the yellow circles), the rest I didn´t need in the end
  • Scissors or an exacto knife
  • an edding or pencil
  • glue- I took a glue stick
  • old magazines, colored paper, washi tape…

First of all you´ll need to cut your cardboard boxes to your desired shape or size.

Make-up storage how to cut where

I took the box from the Christmas lights, which were already the size I wanted, so I just cut off one half of the side, the line I marked in black, so I could see what´s in the box when it stands up. You can take just any size or box you want to. I repeated this step twice, for both my boxes. After that came the fun part- decorating!

Make-up storage-one section done

I just took White paper and glued it all around the middle, then I glued blue paper to the sides and cut out a Picture from a Magazine, which fit perfectly. Afterwards I taped Washi Tape on the upper sides of my box, done!! I think it looks so awseome!! I again repeated this step with the other small box and finally with my big box, which I used as the base and holder of everything else.

Make-up storage-almost done
That´s how it looks like almost done! I just love it! It holds everything so perfectly and organized!

I then taped glitter paper to the inside of this plastic-thingy, which now holds my blush.

Finally I made dividers, by just cutting them to my desired hight and length and covered them with matching paper. And I was DONE!! Wasn´t that quick and easy?!

All that was left to do was put in all my make-up and display it proudly in my room!

Make-up storage-done

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you´ll recreate this DIY, I´d love to see it, just send me a picture and comment and like down below! Thanks!!

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