What to Do on Valentine’s day- 20 Ideas to do with/without a Valentine

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I know that most of my friends have no ideas what to do! That’s why I came up with a few fun ideas and activities to do on that special day! It doesn’t matter whether you have a Valentine this year or you don’t! A Girls day can be just as fun!!! All of these ideas work for both!! Get inspired- you can combine two or three things and make it a day you won’t forget!!!! So with that said- lets get into it!!!

  1. Go to the cinema 
    This is a classic- it’s very fun and afterwards you definatly have something to talk about- maybe while you’re having a coffee, or taking a walk down-town…
  2. Have a Pick-Nick indoors/outdoors
    -with a nice blanket and fruit and orange juice. Invite your friends over and have everyone bring something- a cake, fruit- whatever. Or have a pick nick with your valentine- totally romantic- with flower deco…  It maybe also really fun to do it inside and look at the blizzard outside, if you don’t happen to live in a warm place. If you do- go outside!!
  3. Have coffee or ice cream
    Go to Starbucks or in a nice café! Again with your girlfriends or your Valentine! It’s both a lot of fun! And if it’s really freezing outside, it’d be even funner to have ice cream inside!!
  4. Take a long walk
    -through winter wonderland! If you don’t have any snow- no worries having a walk is always really fun with friends and can be so romantic with your boyfriend! And it’s outside so even better!! Just make sure you’re dressed warm enough and enjoy!
  5. Have a movie night at home
    -with homemade snacks and fun movies it’s sure to be a huge blast!
  6. Go iceskating
    – it’s mostly an outdoor activity and it’s sooo much fun! Maybe you can warm up afterwards with some hot chocolate! Cozy!!!!
  7. Cook a fancy dinner together
    – Borrow cooking books at the library or check out cooking blogs online and get in the kitchen! Set the table nicly with beautiful decors and candles- it’s sure to be really amazing! This maybe an idea for a girls night! I don’t think that most guys are that much into cooking, but maybe he’ll do it with and for you!
  8. A perfect Girls Day: shopping, spa, and a slumber party with a lot of movies!!!! No more to say here….
  9. Also a classic: Eat in a restaurant! This is so much fun but also more pricy than any of the other ideas!
  10. Go to the theater!
    I personnally love the theater! No kidding- you can dress up and see a nice play- live! It’s also a bit more pricy than the cinema but the atmosphere is just so different! And if you’re feeling Oh-so-fancy go to a restaurant afterwards!
  11. Do sports together (and cook afterwards)- while doing sports together you bond more than with doing anything else! And afterwards you’ll be so happy! I love doing sports! And with a friend you do even better because you push each other… You can just go jogging, or get the computer out and do workouts on YouTube… Borrow books from the library and try out new sports- maybe yoga!?! Get inspired and go sweat! And it is so healthy! Not only your body will thank you!!
  12. Get creative- do DIYs! It’s so so fun! And there are so many things you can do! Cut you pants- your old shirts and make them new, stylish, cool, individual! Get out old magazines and make a collage! Make room decor! These are all rather girly things- but why not???
  13. Look through old photos
    get out your old photo books- scroll through you old selfies- ask your parents for baby photos and have fun creating a memory by bringing up old ones!!!
  14. Make music together
    – if you play an instrument, or if you just like to sing, get together and make some noise!
  15. Play board or card games
    You can have so much fun doing this! Sometimes you have a really interesting conversation , while playing games or give each other tips or just play without mercy!
  16. Bake together
    and have a nice tea while eating your creations
  17. Go dancing
    -to a real ball or just at home- it doesn’t matter, as long as your moving and having fun, it’s all good!
  18. Do the Boyfriend/ girlfriend Tag- so much fun- guaranteed! And you get to know each other a Little better!
  19. Do “Would you rather…” Quizzes
    – also a really fun way to get to know each other’s craziest preferences!! 😉
  20. Draw a picture for/of eachother no matter which technique, get creative and you’ll have something to remember this day forever!

I hope you found this helpful and please let me know what you did on this magic day!


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