Get healthy with me: NEW SERIES!!! Breakfast Foods

This is my new series!!! “Get healthy with me”, I am so excited! Because being or getting healthy throughout the past years has really changed my life in a positive way. I have more energy, can concentrate for longer amounts of time, my outside has changed and I´m much more confident. It´s been so amazing to go on that journey. I am still on it and would like to take you with me, because everyone can be their best self and should have the opportunity to feel good about who they are and what they look like. It´s not a diet, it´s not a phase, it´s a permanent lifestyle change. A Lifestyle you can lead for years and years to come, a Lifestyle which not only gives your Body what it Needs, but also makes you feel better! Now who wouldn´t want that?! And the best time to start that lifestyle is now! Let´s eat healthy and motivate each other to do Sport, we´re all in this together!

To start off, a breakfast is so important, when it comes to starting your day right. It gets your metabolism started and a good breakfast should be nutritious and high in calories, so you´ll have enough strength to do whatever you want to do throughout the day. If it´s using your brain in class or your job or going jogging, it doesn´t matter for what, because what you eat, the nutrients in your food, power every little cell in your body, giving them what they need to work properly.

Here I have 5 recipes for you, that I enjoy in the morning and that are really easy to do and the best part is you have the basics and the rest you can change-up every time you eat. Also: there are no excuses of no time because I only have 20 min to eat and cook in the morning and it works perfectly for me, I´m energized straight away and I´m not grouchy and tired anymore. And worst of all: there´s NO SKIPPING BREAKFAST!!!

1. Egg-Avocado-Bread

My all time favorite, I eat that almost every day! All I do is fry my two eggs sunny-side-up or scramble them, then I spread Avocado on my whole-wheat or whole-grain bread and put the egg on top. As a side I like to eat an Apple, for some freshness and because I love apples!

Avocado-Egg Bread


2. Cereal

I don´t mean that cereal that the Food-industry sells, that colorful, artificial, sugary stuff. No, I mean oats or whole-grain granola. The best Thing is that you can literally put anything in there. I like to pour-in some milk, then cut up an apple or banana or whatever my kitchen has at the Moment, throw that in there along with raisins or dried fruit for some sweetness. And that´s it! So easy, so yummy and soo healthy. It´s got everything from fiber to vitamins!

3. Toasted bread

Toast your bread or toast, of course whole-grain. And then you´re free to Experiment with whatever you want to have on your toast. I like peanut-butter (be careful and read what´s really in it, because in most peanut-butters there is only 50% or so of real peanut in there, the rest is sugar and palm-oil, and that´s fast-food then, not healthy Food as we like it;-)) and butter with homemade jelly. You can also spread avocado on it along with some salt and pepper, for more taste. Tell me in the comments what you like to put on your bread or toast.

4. Yoghurt

It´s the same as the cereals; you can literally go crazy with what to put in. My favorite is a little honey with lemon juice. Or lemon juice with nuts and a cut-up pear or orange.

5. Smoothies

One of the best inventions of mankind. You can mix in whatever you like and it will most-probably taste amazing. I´ll have another post on my favorite smoothies, if you´re interested, like down below.


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