DIY Last-Minute Mother´s Day Gifts

Mother´s Day is coming up so fast-it´s tomorrow(!!!!) and a lot of people are stressing out! I have therefore decided to show you some little DIY´s, that are not complicated to make, yet so adorable, fast, thoughtful and cute! I hope you enjoy! Happy Mother´s Day!!! (Please let me know in the comments what your favorite was and what you are giving your Mom for Mother´s Day!? And like for more DIY´s!!! Also, These are not only ideas for your Mom, you deserve a little gift for yourself as well…or if you´re always forgetting things, here are two solutions!  )

1. A Pinboard DSCN5974

It´s so cute and I know it´s a struggle for my Mom to keep track of everything she has to do and remember, that´s why I thought a colorful pinnboard would help her. What you´ll Need:

  • A pinboard (I used actually used a trivet…. It works just the same and was much cheaper!)
  • acrylic paint + brushes
  • masking tape/scotch tape/..

DSCN5955DSCN5958With your masking tape tape it on your pinboard to create a pattern. Now take your paint and paint over the parts where there´s no tape. Once you´re done, pull off all the tape immediatly and let it dry. Since mine wasn´t an actual pinboard, I added a thing on the back to hang it up. And that´s it! It´s so cute, cheap and easy, plus your Mom can get organized in style now!;-)

2. A T-Shirt


My Mom admired the T-Shirts I made and wanted one as well, for doing Sport. So I came up or searched quotes on the Internet and asked her for her favorite. Then I took out my fabric paint markers and painted the design on an old t-shirt of hers. I ironed over it and let it sit. That´s it! It´s so thoughtful and cute!

3. A Flower in a cute pot


Flowers are the typical when it comes to Mother´s Day, but I don´t really like those which you have to throw away after a few days, so I decided to paint a pot and plant a cute flower inside. That´s really all there it to it!

4. A Body Scrub

body scrub

If you´ve read my Spa-Day Routine, you´d know that I love making my own scrubs. Here´s the recipe I used this time: 1,5 cup sugar, 2 table spoons of olive oil and 8 drops of lavender essential oil. I put it in a glass, tied a ribbon around it and labeled it-done and super cute!!!

5. another organisation idea: a To-Do list


What I did here, was I spray-painted a card-board and in another Color some clothes-pins. I let both dry and with a marker drew words or symbols on the clothes-pins. On the back of the card-board I used the same things to hang it up, as I used in the pinboard DIY. That´s again all there is to it! Now to use this, all you do is take a Piece of paper, write whatever you Need to remember on it and take a clothespin and put it on the cardboard, hang that up where you can see it and your Mom forgetting things was yesterday! 😉

6. A Mothers Day Breakfast

Get up early and make a cute breakfast for your Mom. Cut out hearts with a cookie cutter from slices of watermelon and arrange them on a plate or on a shish kebab thingy. Make scrambled eggs,… Just think of what your Mom likes and arrange that with flowers and nice decor or candles on the table. Wake her up with a “Happy ´Mother´s Day!” and enjoy your time together!

7. A “Best MOM Certificate”

On your Computer design or search for such a certificate, print it out, sign your name and maybe frame it. Don´t forget some personal words!

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