Get healthy with me: How to start a healthy lifestye (Part 1): Food

A friend of mine recently told me she wanted to get healthier, fitter and loose a bit of weight and asked for my advice to get to her goals. I was and am happy to help her and also decided to share it with you, because I think she´s no the only one. I´ve already talked a lot about different parts of being healthy, always thinking each of you was already aware of what “being and living healthy” means. Since my friend asked me what you are allowed to eat, when you want to be healthy, I decided to start with the very basics. (First with the food, there are many aspects healthy includes, I´ll be getting to them in another post!)

First of all, it´s best, when the will to start living differently comes from you. Then it´s easier to for people like me to help you start your journey. But starting with a friend or having your friend or family start it with you, is just as great. Because it really is a lifelong journey. It´s not like a three-week-diet plan that promises you to lose ten pounds in that time. No, it´s a lifestyle you choose to live for the rest of your life. If you want to lose weight living that lifestyle, you won´t be able to lose those ten pounds in three weeks, it´s a rather slower process. But the difference is, that you´ll be able to keep those pounds off, not gain them again, after those three weeks of hard work. That´s one of the differences between a healthy lifestyle and a three-week diet. Another one is that usually the diet has little to do with getting you healthy. Meaning giving your body what it needs, in order to do it´s job. The diet doesn´t usually give the body what it needs, in fact it takes important things, by knowingly cutting out essential nutrients, so that you lose those pounds (by the way it´s not healthy to lose so many pounds in a really short amount of time, your body is not designed to do that). While the healthy lifestyle gives you all the nutrients you need in order to be your best you, you won´t get those pounds off as quick as the three-week diet. So when you choose to start that journey, you have to be aware of that. Give your body time, love and take good care of it. Those are the most important things to remember when you start.

If you want to begin with that journey and you are all ready, then I suggest first going in your kitchen and taking out or observing everything you have there. The next step is to throw out junk. What I mean when I say junk, is I mean those sticky sweet gummy bears packed with sugar and artificial flavors, colors – junk. Those crispy white waffles, with cream on them, you know are not healthy. Then those chips at the back of that drawer. But also that frozen pizza or that pack of “just-add-water-and-heat-it-up” “spaghetti with sauce”. That is junk, that´s not good for your body. In fact it is really hard work for your body to digest and it is no use at all for your body. What your body needs is nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, protein… Your body needs it to build new cells, to give your existing ones what they need to do their job. If it´s your muscle-cells we´re talking about, which enable you to move every single day, or your red-blood-cells, to keep you alive by delivering the oxygen to the places they are needed. Or your skin-cells, which regulate your body temperature and get out toxins by sweating and which also have to work hard when you have an injury, also don´t you want to have nice glowing, even, strong, healthy skin? With as little blemishes and wrinkles as possible? Then eat your nutrients. Those include all kinds of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain products (whole-grain bread, whole grain noodles) and dairy. Those should be the things you eat every day. That junk we talked about, is junk. I know it is yummy, but when you start eating healthy, you´ll notice that your craving for those sweets or chips decreases. Until then, but also on the whole, you don´t have to give up eating junk. Do it with moderation. Consciously give yourself treats, maybe after you´ve studied really hard for a test and have written it, or after you´ve worked hard and finished a huge project. Some people also have a so-called “Cheat-Day” once in a week, on which they eat what ever they desire. I personally like to search for healthy options and have cut out sweets entirely. I sometimes eat cake on birthdays or special occasions, really enjoying it. You don´t have to eat only healthy. In fact, it´s healthy to eat healthy and allow yourself your “sweets” from time to time, so you don´t have to say: “I´m not allowed to eat that.” But also try starting to see your healthy food as your actual treats. Because you are treating your body with them. Because your body is beautiful and amazing. Just think of the many many things it does. It enables you to walk, write, raise your hand, wave, smile, blink,.. everyday. It gets it´s oxygen from the air, by breathing, without you even noticing. It digests the food you eat and get´s rid of the things it doesn´t need. It builds stronger muscles, after you´ve done sport. It also works while you sleep. It helps you remember things, concentrate, read, see, feel, smell, taste…. I could go on for so long! So your body can perform better, you need to give it what it needs.

In the morning I recommend eating high in carbs, because your body needs the energy carbs give it, for working throughout the day. Check out my breakfast foods post, where I go in detail and also give you ideas and recipes for what to eat in the morning.

Before we continue, a quick word to carbs. There are these myths going around, that carbs make you gain weight. Magazines design diets, called no-carbs or low-carbs diet. So much fuss and hate about something that is actually important for your body. When you eat the right ones. There are simple and complex carbs. We want to eat the complex ones, because they are the ones which give us what we need. Nutrients. The simple carbs are an invention of the food industry. They are digested fast by our body’s, too fast, so that all of the energy is absorbed at once, giving you a short time rush. Also they have been stripped of all their nutrients. In a process called processing. Complex carbs are a long-lasting energy source, because it takes time and our body works hard to detach the molecules.

For lunch I usually mix half carbs, half vegetables or fruit. So you could see me eating a salad with a whole-wheat bread or some tofu with a potato salad. I´ll do a post on that in detail and with recipes some time soon. If you want to see that, like down below!

In the evenings I usually don´t eat many carbs, but focus on eating healthy fats and protein. Meaning some chicken breast with broccoli. Or a nice salad.  Or chilli con carne or some kind of cooked vegetables.

That was much. But it wasn´t all. There is so much to say about this topic. The second part of it will come soon (like, if you want it!), where I address fats and protein, reaching and setting your individual goals. Also getting motivated to exercise/work out/ get active and motivation in all, will be some of the topics, I´ll be talking about. For your best you! I wish you all the best for starting your journey! If you have questions, ideas or requests for existing or future posts don´t hesitate!

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