7 Healthy 4th of July Snacks

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It´s almost the fourth of July. Tomorrow… Yay!
Tell me if you celebrate and how, with BBQ, a party, a parade? Or don´t you celebrate? I want to know!

For those of you not celebrating, you can eat and make these treats anyway.
But for those of you who are, I created some themed treats, which are a hundred percent heathy, so there are no excuses of not being able to celebrate healthy: it is possible! So here are the super yummy, fun and easy to make alternatives to sugary treats. If you make just a little more of everything you also have the perfect party snack! I hope you like it, if you did please ´like´! Also tell me if you recreated any of these ideas or if you have any healthy treats you like to make for the 4th July?!
But now: ENJOY!

  1. The Fruit of America (stars and stripes)

    I am so happy with how it came out. What you´ll need to recreate this:
    – blueberries
    – sliced watermelon
    – sliced apple or banana
    – cut up pineappleNow just arrange it so it looks like a flag! Done! It´s so easy, really yummy and looks amazing!

  2. Just stars and stripes

    DSCN6316 DSCN6314
    It´s the same method as the flag, except you´re only making the stripes… You can either do the watermelon, apple stripes or the equally delicious watermelon, banana version! Both look so good!

  3. Red and White: Paprika, pineapple, cheese

    This is for those who don´t want to eat as much fruit and want to get their vegetable and calcium take-in.
    – paprika, quartered
    – cheese, sliced
    – pineapple, cut up
    Arrange it the way you like it and enjoy!

  4. “Striped” Smoothie

    I tried to make stripes in this smoothie, it worked out ok. You have to really have thick smoothies and pour the juice against the glass so you can actually see the stripes. Also afterwards you can take a spoon and try to make the stripes look more like stripes. 😉
    The recipe I used was:
    – watermelon
    – raspberries (frozen)
    – apple slice
    – fresh strawberries
    “Yellow” (it kind of lost it´s color, you can maybe add pineapple or a little milk)
    – bananas
    – crushed ice
    – apple slice

  5. Red, White and Blue Yoghurt

    Add sliced fruit to your Yoghurt. That´s practically it! You can use apple, banana, watermelon, strawberry and pineapple slices, along with raspberries and blueberries! All in red, white and blue! I love it!

  6. Watermelon stars

    It looks really good and works extremely well cutting out stars with cookie cutters. Add some crunch with whole grain crunchies to serve it with.

  7. Watermelon stuffed stars

    Cut out the stars with cookie cutter, just like No. 5, then fill them with tiny pieces of pineapple. (This picture is not the best, sorry for that)


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