A Day in Dijon

This wouldn´t be a travel-blog, if I didn´t post anything from my travels.
So fact is, my recent travels were mostly relaxing somewhere, visiting friends or family, at places I already know pretty well. Just one day, when I was staying in France horse-back riding, I visited the city of Dijon. I really have to say it´s a beautiful city and definitely worth seeing!

You may have heard of Dijon as the mustard. The recipe, in fact, was created in the 18th century around Dijon, that´s why they called it like that! (Fun Fact!) Apart from the mustard, Dijon has a lot more to offer! It´s an important emporium of the Burgundy Wine, as well as a center of trade, transport and industry. Apart from that the historic city center is so incredibly cute and pretty and for you shopaholics out there, there are quite a lot of shops there, apart from a sort of “mile” where it´s quite touristic (the shops ranging from Sephora to Galleries Lafayette), there are so many cute little shops and boutiques everywhere in the city, as well as cafés at every corner (for you coffee-lovers out there-Yes, count me in as well;-)) Also historically interested people as well as art and architecture interested ones have things to see here. There are museums and the city itself is full of historic places/churches/theaters/museums and amazing architechture.
Dijon also has a big university (l´Université de Bourgonge) and a school of art (l´école national des beaux arts) of high standing.

Now to my day:

When we arrived, the first thing we went to was le Place de la Republique. It ´s a big square, a train station with this beautiful fountain in the middle.
Now look at those houses, aren´t they so cute?!
If you´re there by car, look for signs like these, they lead you to a parking garage where you can park your car.
First we went to the tourist office (french: l´office de tourisme) and got a beautiful map of the city as well as a little booklet with a route and descriptions of each place we were to see. The route was called “Route of the Owl”, I really recommend it, if you´re also visiting and want to see the important parts of the city!
That´s the map we got inside of the little booklet which costs 2 euro and if you´re visiting, this is basicly a must.
We always had to follow this little guy. He led us through the city.
Isnt´t that just really pretty?!
Look at that roof, that´s real art right there!
The streets are quite small. It´s really cute and cozy, the historic city center.
I´m in love with these houses, aren´t you?
There were cute flowershops here and there, I couldn´t help myself from taking so many pictures of flowers….
You could smell this bakery from all the way down the street. It made my mouth water so bad!
A shop called “Little Italy”-I just had to take a picture, it´s just so adorable!


Some lanterns are real art here
When it was time for a late lunch we ate at the “l´édito”. It was very yummy, stylish and well-located. I recommend the salads here.
After lunch it was time for some museums. “La museum des beaux Arts”(which is free, by the way, no entrance fee is charged..), where the tombs of the dukes of Burgondy are, as well as exhibitions about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. I presonnally enjoyed the art exhibiton.

After that we went shopping…

I hope you enjoyed and if you´d like to visit and have any questions don´t hesitate to ask.
I can´t say I know all of Dijon, but I definitely got to know a lot of it and I´ll probably come back sometime to see more of the city and maybe visit the botanic garden as well as the botanic museum!

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