Get healthy with me: Motivation to get active/workout

“Motivation” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

The most common question I get, when I tell people how much I workout is: “What?!” then a pause “that´s crazy!! How on earth do you stay motivated!?”. Or when a friend wanting to loose weight or just get healthier by working out want´s to know “How do you stay motivated? I have so much trouble with it! Any tips?”

Well, yes.

There are a few things that keep me motivated. There are different reasons for different people to move more, get active, workout or all of the above. It depends on what your goal is or how you see sport. If you see sport as fun, you´re more likely to do it more, you´ll stay motivated! But if you think of sport as a chore, then you´re more likely to quit faster, your motivation isn´t so high then. Everyone for themself has to think about what got them started or what got them wanting to start in the first place, let that be your biggest motivation. Cling onto it! Do it for exactly that reason.

Here are a few examples & tips & reasons… (they work for everybody, not only for those, e.g. wanting to loose weight…): For those wanting to…

  • …loose weight – that´s the most common reason to start moving/getting active/working out
    For you I recommend, a few things to keep you going, to keep your motivation up, to keep you moving!
    1. Picture yourself one year from now, how do you look? Good? Then keep that picture in your head and remember: The only way to get there is to work for it!
    2. Then take a photo of yourself now. And keep taking progress photos once every 2 weeks or once a month. That way you can actually see your progress! Sometimes we don´t see it just like that, ´cause we´ve gotten used to what we look like currently, and pictures remind us and show us what we´ve actually achieved!
    3. Always remember why you started!
    4. Tell yourself: What you plant now, you will harvest later!
    5. And if your goal is to loose those extra pounds, don´t trust the scale fully, because muscles weigh more than stored fat.
  • …get fit/stronger
    1. If it´s a little about vanity as well, then for you would be tips 1. through 5. too.
    2. Other than that, choose a very specific goal, it can be small or rather bigger. I recommend smaller ones first. Then set yourself a time in which to reach that goal. For example: In 2 weeks I want to be able to do 20 burpees, in correct form, without stopping. Or, 200 sit-ups in 4 weeks. Or, run 3 km in 20 minutes (Yes, that´s possible). Whatever you´d like to be able to do. Then take that goal and work towards it. Starting little. You´ll feel and see your body getting stronger, being able to get towards your goal and finally achieving it! Take that as motivation, and trust me:
    3. That feeling, when your body just did what it couldn´t do 2 weeks ago… It´s amazing!
    4. Don´t forget to keep setting yourself another goal, once you reach your last one!
  • …get healthy (this is just a goal, of course you´re also getting healthier following any other goal!)
    1. You´re giving your body what it craves, what it needs so badly, by moving. Your body wants to move, it´s designed to move. It wants to be strong. It´s originally designed to be that.
    2. You´re improving your endurance every single time.
    3. You´re building strong, healthy muscles to support your skeleton, help you move.
    4. When running or jumping, you´re incresing your bone density, which is very very important if you don´t want to have sicknesses like osteoporosis later in life, but it´s also very important now, because your skeleton makes up your body… 5. You´re reducing your risk of getting sicknesses like diabetes type 2, heart problems and other sicknesses due to too little exercise.
    6. You´re improving your heart health. There´s no need to explain here why it´s so important.
    7. You´re giving your body a chance to get rid of toxins naturally, fast and efficient.
    8. Do it now, for the feeling afterwards.
    9. The rush of endorphins in your body….
    10. ..the beating heart,..
    11. …the aching muscles…
    12. …the sweat dripping,…
    13. … the soreness the next day.
  • To finish off: Sport and good, healthy eating habits help you stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life.
    Imagine yourself at 65 or so, still being able to run 10 miles, just like that. When others puff and pant when climbing a set of stairs.

If you´re not motivated now, I simply can´t help you;-) Take all of these tips, no matter what your goal is and go get it! Go get what you want! Nobody´s stopping you! You can get there! No doubt!

There are also times everybody experiences, even the best of athletes who love what they do. When we´re having a bad day and absolutely no motivation and energy to workout. For those times, but also in general, a few tips and tricks.

  1. Have a small snack, something like a banana with peanut butter. That´s going to boost your energy levels and give you that kick you need to start.
  2. Hang pictures that motivate you around your room and/or house.
  3. Add quotes.
  4. Scroll through “fitspiration” blogs on pinteres/tumblr/instagram
  5. Remember why you started and that every step you take (every workout/every run-even if it´s a short one) counts, every little thing will get you a bit closer to your goal
  6. Read this
  7. If nothing works and you´re not extremely sore, force yourself to start.
  8. Or just begin with something. Do a short workout.
  9. Throw away any excuses, they´re useless. And they take up more of your precious time than the actual workout! (Keep that in mind!)

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