Arrival in Florence – Day 1 Italy

Arrival at the train station of Florence at 3:30pm.

First impression: It’s raining.

Second impression: It’s so hot and humid

Third impression: The market works very well here obviously, since there were people selling umbrellas at every corner.

Walking through the historic city center and along famous sights we went to find our room. That way we also got a first impression and I can say it’s really quite beautiful here.

The sky lightened up two hours later.. when I took this photo. I had no capacities of taking photos when carrying my huge bag.


Our room is located on the other side of the river “Arno”, that’s where it’s less touristic. Our room and the whole building is very beautiful and we were welcomed and introduced very friendly. We got a few recommendations to eat and a map.

The building where our room was in is a rather big old palace from the 16th century. The landlords live on the higher floors, while some rooms on the first floor (for britains: the ground floor ;-)) are being used as a kind of B&B, called “residenza d’epoca”. It’s definitely a recommendation, it’s very beautiful, the people are nice and the rooms rock a mondern style.

After a short break there, we went to take a look/walk through the city.DSC_1049

The “Piazza Santo Spirito” is a place located away from the tourist traffic on the other side of the Arno. It’s very cute and very Italian. There are some nice restaurants located there as well as the “Basilica di Santo Spirito”, in which a crucifix by Michelangelo is.

We had to return to our apartment because my camera quit on me, lack of battery…. should never happen to you…always charge your camera before leaving anywhere!


15 minutes later we went along the Arno, crossing some bridges. The ponte vecchio, a bridge with houses and shops on it, was overfilled with people, still it was very impressive. We walked on. Our destination was up the hill.

We were rewarded with a great view over the whole city. Since the sun was already setting the light was just amazing. I took a lot of photos here.


After enjoying the view for quite a long time we took the way back to the “Piazza Santo Spirito”, where we ate at the “borgo antico”. The food was very good and concerning the rest, let’s just say it wouldn’t be on the list of the best restaurants in which I’ve eaten so far.

We went back to our apartment, walking through the beautiful small streets, the rest can come- we’re ready!

For or those of you maybe planning to visit, a short summary of recommendations and tips:

The “Piazza Santo Spirito”, of course and the view on top of the hill, the place is called “Piazza Michelangelo”, then the bridge “ponte Santa trinita” and a walk along the Arno are a must in my opinion.


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