A little crooked everything – Day 6 Italy – Pisa

Day 6 Italy and Tuscany, the last day of seeing so many impressive and beautiful things and places. To top it all off we went to visit Pisa.

My first association with Pisa had and has been (and still is) the leaning tower of Pisa. When I was a kid and someone had built something a little crooked, say a tower or even a painted house or anything that stands, someone would always say:” That is as crooked as the leaning tower of Pisa”. I always imagined the tower and I saw some photos, but as I´d always talked about it, I´d never been there. So I was double excited to finally get to see it!

Our day started at the parking lot. From there we went through the town to the place with the famous cathedral “Santa Maria Assunta” (surprise! If you´ve read my posts, you’d know that almost every cathedral is called like that;-)), the baptistery and, of course, the tower!

Looking at the tower: it´s just incredible, fascinating, amazing, astonishing,… It really is that great! Just the look at it.


We bought tickets for three of the attractions on that place. It was a little pricy, because you could´t combine all three of them, so we had to buy two tickets, one for the tower and the cathedral and one for the cathedral and the baptistery. A little stupid, yes. But we could go into the cathedral twice! YAY! 😉

We went in there first and really it is gigantic. Both architectural and it really was BIG!

There is so much to see in there. Besides the marble columns and the beautiful coffer ceiling, the pulpit is the main attraction. The masterpiece by G. Pisano (about 1300) illustrates the roman catholic faith beginning with it´s foundation in the old testament and virtues of good old ancient Greece; above you can admire one of the most detailed illustrations of the life of Jesus, his disciples and the prophets.




After about one hour in the cathedral, we went into the baptistery. For someone visiting, go up the stairs! Because only after having been there, I noticed how big this thing actually is! After all those gigantic cathedrals the past days I was so used to it and did´t really notice the height anymore, but if you go up, you can really get an impression.


Then it was time for the tower!


I just managed to bring my camera case into a locker in time, because I thought is was small enough to bring up. Apparently it was´t.

First there was an intro about the tower, it being reopened just a few years ago after it was closed in 2001. Fun fact: In English they said the tower was safe and stable now, after that the whole thing was repeated in Italian and they said it was safe and stable for the time being

Going up the spiral staircase you could see some interesting things. The stairs looked used not like any stairs in the middle, but depending on where you stood, on either side of a stair. The phenomenon is called Gravity and you could really feel it affecting your body as you walked, without you really noticing!


On top it was also very visible and for me, wearing flip-flops, I slipped a bit walking, because I was literally pulled down. Just incredible.

You also had an amazing view from up top!



After going back down and having a snack, we had to leave. Those 6 days were really incredible! I learned and saw so much! I hope you liked them as well (as posts)!

It was time for a little relaxing after all that culture. We did so in the cinque terre. But that is something for another post, sometime soon. I first want to post some other things that have been on my mind and that I´ve been doing! Let me know if you have any request or if you really want some cinque terre posts soon and I´ll get around to doing them!

All the best! X

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12 thoughts on “A little crooked everything – Day 6 Italy – Pisa

      1. Hehe… We had a brief stopover in Italy on one of our trips and we definitely want to go back someday. Italy is right up there on the hubby’s wishlist. Me? I just want to go for the food! 😀 Everything else is just an added bonus 😉

        And Cinque Terre? Now i simply HAVE to come back for more 😀

        You’re inspiring me to get cracking on all my pending travel posts 🙂 I’ve procrastinated enough by using blog discovery as an excuse 🙂


        1. Italy is just simply amazing. I´ve been there a couple of times and I´ve always seen something new… You really need to go! Not just because of the food… Which is, I have to admit, a huge reason to go there…
          Haha, I´m glad I could inspire you! Really, do go. Traveling is the best thing there is, next to food… and sport…No, really, traveling is learning, is escaping, is really living….
          Then I guess I´ll hear from you when I post my Cinque Terre Post! 🙂 looking forward to that! XO


          1. Hehe… there’s no turning back once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug 🙂

            You can bet I’ll swing by once the Cinque Terre post is up. To me it’s always looked like Santorini dunked in a rainbow 😀 I look forward to your pictures 🙂

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