Fall Fashion Trends 2015

This is my first Fashion Post and I´m excited! Well, it actually isn´t my very first Fashion post. I posted three posts a year back or so about, well, fashion trends. So here I am a year later posting about fashion again! Anyways… Let´s just get started, should we?

Fall fashion

Concerning the trends this season, I´ve researched a lot online, on blogs,  then of course there were the fashion weeks – I was´t there in person, sadly, but I saw photos, videos etc. I also check the stores, both high-fashion and on the more casual everyday and the definitively more affordable side -H&M, Zara, .. – and also the more high-fashion stores (I checked those in Florence..;-)) Other than that I´ve kept my eyes open on the street. Here they are! (I´m sorry guys, this one is for the gals!)

  • The 70s are again everywhere.
    – flared jeans
    – fringe
    – maxi skirts, maxi pants, maxi sweaters, just maxi anything
    70s prints
  • capes and cardigans – it´s best if they´re maxi.. see above And most of them look like the person took an old carpet and just used that to cover up, because it was cold… What the fashion industry comes up with… genius, if you ask me! 😉fall fashion
  • sweaters
    – ribbed
    – regular knit
    – long (maxi, yes, again..)
    fall fashion2
  • lace Yes, it actually isn´t a trend that´s coming, but more a trend that´s staying


  • earthy tones like browns or greens
  • grey
  • black and white Yet again! Although I have to say it is a classic and will probably stay forever, so…
  • mustard Not really my color…
  • red From bright red to burgundy there´s everything this season!


  • Black and White Graphic This one´s also staying
  • horizontal stripes
    fall fashion3
  • floral Only a little bit, but it´s definitely there. Since the 70s are big this fall, floral is not to be forgotten!


  • Over-knees Be careful how you style them
  • classic, elegant booties


  • The skinny scarf has been all over the runway. it´s basically a scarf which is super thin and long.
  • Faux Fur as a scarf, a bag or a collar.
  • Wearing only one chunky big earring is so apparently going to come… I hope so, because about six years ago I went to school wearing only one earring and everyone was asking me why and it was something super strange, so seeing it as a trend now would be super cool! Just saying to all those criticizing my earring or just finding it weird “I was so ahead of time! A trend setter…. ” Well… *sigh* a girl can dream, right?

That was it! I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments what you say is going to be the trend this season. Also it´s always a thing, should I follow all of these trends? If you want, you can. If you don´t want, you don´t have to! You can just buy one piece, rock it all winter and continue to wear it the next year. Fashion is not a rule you have to follow, it´s an inspiration and reflects what fashion designers and people on the street come up with wearing! I don´t follow all trends, if I do like a trend, I might buy one piece and add it to my wardrobe. But I might as well buy something completely different! I Just find it very interesting watching trends come and go. Watching people on the street express themselves non-verbally through clothing is also something I find to be interesting!

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