The “Sweater Weather” Challenge

I was nominated for the “Sweater Weather” Challenge yesterday morning by the lovely RobynChristy. ( You have to go check out her blog, it´s amazing! ) I was really excited about it and so here I am doing it! It´s basically a few questions, which I´m going to answer about “Fall” and the nominate other bloggers to do the same. Here we go! I hope you enjoy!


1. What is your favourite candle flavour? I love cinnamon and apple! They´re the perfect match, smell amazing and fit both fall and winter! I have one standing on my desk right now;-)
2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Tea. I. love. tea. I drink it all the time. In the morning. In the afternoon and at night! I love any flavor, except the “Christmas” ones, the ones with chocolate, they just taste so bad…
3. What is the best Autumn memory you have? There are a lot… But if I really have to choose… When I was a kid, my Mom and me used to always go into the forest in Fall to collect leaves and chestnuts. I loved collecting chestnuts and doing all kinds of fun stuff with it, like making little animals out of it or just making it to powder, I loved that (don´t know why…)
4. Which fall trend do you prefer – dark lips or winged eyeliner? I´m all about the winged eyeliner!
5. Your favourite fragrance for fall? Just fragrance in all or perfume? I like the smell of cinnamon and baked apple in the oven… and I only have two perfumes, for the whole year…don´t judge me!
6. What is your favourite Autumn food? Baked apple, filled with raisins and nuts and honey… soo good! My mouth is watering, just from the thought of it!
7. What is the Autumn weather like where you live? Sometimes sunny and cold, sometimes rainy and cold. But always cold. Well, not as cold as in winter, but colder than summer…obviously..;-)
8. What is your most worn sweater? A black and white knitted one…
black and white pullover2
9. Your must-have polish for Autumn? A burgundy red with a hint of purple
10. Football games or jumping into leaf piles? Definitely jumping into leaf piles! What else is there to do in Fall?!
11. Skinny jeans or leggings? Skinny jeans! I love skinny jeans…
12. Combat boots or uggs? Neither. I like Cowboy boots. But if I´d have to choose one, I´d go for the combat boots.
13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? I don´t know what that is…
14. What is your favourite fall premiering show? I don´t watch any shows… Yes, I´m guilty.
15. What song really gets you into Autumn? Norah Jones – Don´t know why… I don´t know why;-)
16. Halloween, yay or nay? YAY! I love Halloween! I love dressing up. I think I´m going to be Anna or Elsa from “Frozen” this year…
17. Autumn mornings or Autumn evening? Both… I love it when no ones awake and you can see the first sun rays, but it´s equally beautiful taking a long walk in the evening to the setting sun with the leaves rustling under your feet…
 18. What do you think about Black Friday? I don´t know.. what should I think about it?!
19. What is an Autumn 2015 trend you are loving? Th Ponchos and Cardigans. I love them!
20. Your favorite pie? Apple pie. To be exact the italian “Apfel Strudel”. In South Tyrol they make the best one.. Seriously… it´s REALLY good!
Now it´s your turn! Here are my Nominees:

I can´t wait to read your answers! But for now: Happy Fall!

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