The best vegetarian Lasagna you´ll ever make

Who doesn´t love lasagna? I don´t know anybody. Lasagna is just really food-heaven. Also for me it´s the go-to dish when I know a lot of people will be over to eat. Usually it´s with meat, but I chose to try it vegetarian and see how it works. I didn´t have a cookbook, it was just out of my hand. When I served it that night everyone really loved it and were asking how I made it!  I was so happy and btw. I was loving the taste of it too.

For those lagsagna-lovers out there, here is the recipe for the best lasagna I ever made( and I´ve made a few)!


What you´ll need: (makes one large dish, enough for 5 people)

  • lasagna noodles
  • 2 eggplants
  • 2-4 zucchini (depending on the size)
  • 3 paprika
  • 5 or more tomatoes (preferably fresh, but canned is also okay)
  • 1,5 liters tomato sauce
  • cheese (that melts evenly)
  • 2 onions
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • sunflowers oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano

In a huge pan, or I used two, because mine weren´t large enough, heat up the oil. In a pot do the same thing. Then dice both onions and the garlic cloves. Put them in the pan(s) and int the pot, dividing them evenly. Start with dicing your paprika as well as putting them in the pot(s). Let them cook there for a little while on medium heat. Meanwhile either cut up your tomatoes and put them into the pot or just add your tomato sauce. Season it with oregano, salt and pepper.
Now cut up the zucchini, also in cubes and, surprise, add it to the pan(s). Make sure to stir once in a while, both the pans and the pot to make sure nothing burns and everything is sautéed evenly.
It´s time for the eggplants. After you´ve also diced them, add them to your pan(s).
As you might have noticed, there is a more or less strict order in which to add the vegetables. That´s because every vegetable cooks differently, the paprika needs much more time than the eggplant. So that everything is cooked evenly and really done, that nothing´s starting to get soggy while another one isn´t done yet, we have this order.
If you want, you can now cut up your tomatoes or the ones you have left and also add them to the pans. This step is optional. I prefer having a few “real” tomatoes in my lasagna. If you choose to add tomatoes, add the dried oregano, the pepper and salt along with it. If not, just add it with the eggplants.
It´s time for the last part: Making the actual lasagna!
Start by covering the “floor” of your dish with the lasagna noodles. Add a layer of vegetables on top, as much as you think is necessary or just as much to cover the noodles completely and evenly. Pour some of your tomato sauce on top, also covering everything and repeat the last steps until you have 2 empty pans, 1 empty pot and one filled lasagna dish, which you´re going to top with the cheese.
Put everything in the oven for about 30 minutes at medium-high heat. Pull out when the cheese is full melted and starting to get gold/brown. You´ll also smell it, so don´t worry!

Let it cool for a tiny bit and dig in!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, let me know in the comments if you´re making it and how it turned out! I´m curious to hear! Until next time!

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