Running update- From a running hater to a half marathon in 10 weeks

On my post about me starting running I got a some really nice and encouraging comments-thanks again to everyone who commented, all of your words mean so much to me! ❤

Anyways, here is my running update of the week. I feel like this is going to be a series… Let´s see.

So as I wrote in my post, it all started with last Saturday and I´m so happy to tell you that I´ve really improved! Like really! The best part is that it´s really starting to be so fun. The whole day I long to get my running shoes on and just run away from everything. I am really happy being outside, letting the beautiful trees pass by and just feeling grateful and happy about every little thing I see.. like a snail or a beautiful tree. I also think sometimes, and make decisions more easily. But most of the time I don´t think anything, I feel my legs and my breath and hear the rhythm of the music.

I don´t have a running app yet nor one of those watches that tracks your distance.. (But I´m planning on getting one. Do you know any good ones, apps or watches?!)
I´ve just been going easy on myself not pushing me to do anything. I tell myself I can stop anytime, that´s how I get myself to go, I don´t know why, but it works.
I just put on music, start my timer and run.. varying distances and sometime later I end up at my house anyway. I´ve just been trying to go longer and on other days faster. So here we go…

Sunday: I was so motivated to go on that day due to all your amazing feedback! I ran 57 minutes, which is by far my maximum time. I was running at an average speed of about 8km/h. I can´t be exact here yet, I just estimated, based on what each speed felt like in the gym. It was´t fast, but it wasn’t slow either.

It´s so beautiful connecting and noticing the beauty of nature when you run. Usually we don´t notice because we´re too stressed and too busy… Such a pity.

Monday: I was so exhausted that day when I came home, I left everything be and got outside. It was already beginning to get darker outside and when I got home it was really dark, but I didn´t care. In fact I quite like it. You feel alone and unseen on the street. It´s hard to run into somebody you know, breathing a quick “Hi” running past them, not thinking about what they think about your glowing red face… You see everything with different eyes. I ran 55 minutes that day. Google maps says about 9 km. I sometimes varied speed. Oh and fun fact, I did meet someone, but they used to be runners too so there weren´t any weird looks coming my way;-)

Tuesday: I have to say, that day I checked google maps when I got home, to see how long I ran and I was very pleased with myself! In 53 minutes I ran 10 km. I ran my first 10k without really knowing about it. Although I did feel it in my legs when I got home… But how cool is that?!

That, for example, is something that makes me happy when I run. Just looking up...
That, for example, is something that makes me happy when I run. Just looking up…

Wednesday: I decided to run to my old stable on that day. I saw a lot of new things, just turning in random streets running in about the direction. When I was back home, I´d run 10 km once more in only 50 minutes!!! Seriously I´m so astonished by myself… I really have the feeling I can do that! It´s a great feeling by the way.;-)

Thursday: Yesterday I got a lot of things done, I worked really hard and really long. So since I didn´t have a whole hour to run and I was feeling like some strength training anyway, I decided to do the Blogilates 1000 abs challenge. I´ve done it before and I have to say, I also felt improvement here. It wasn’t as hard as I remember it. If you don´t know what it is, it´s basically 10 different ab moves, 100 reps per move, in all 1000 reps. Anyone wanting to feel their abs for two days straight or anyone in good physical condition wanting to take their training to the next level, I suggest doing this. It´s really hard, but effective!

Friday: Well today is not over and I haven´t done anything yet, except for riding my bike a little…but I plan on doing some yoga, because Friday is usually my rest day…

I hope you enjoyed this and my training plan will be coming the next days! I´ll have to rewrite it because I didn´t think I could run 10km already… 😉 Hope your well!


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6 thoughts on “Running update- From a running hater to a half marathon in 10 weeks

    1. It actually went really well. My farthest was 17,5 km one day, but unfortunately I broke my arm and now I need to rest… 😦
      But thanks for thinking of me and asking:-) I´ll definitely update you once my arm healed and things are back in action…
      How are things going for you?


      1. 17.5km is absolutely amazing – go you! But a broken arm sounds horrific. There is nothing worse than injury and sounds like you went and got properly injured. My sympathies! All good here, focussing on the cycling and loving it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much!!!<3 For checking on me and for your warm words, they mean so incredibly much! Yes, it´s not funny, but I just gotta work with it. Today I went outside and did some intervals, walking, running, sprinting, nothing big, still resting. But I really wanted to get my butt up and let all that energy out;-)
          Great for you!! Cycling is awesome and way better for the joints:-) XO


  1. Running is a beautiful thing! Really enjoyed reading this fresh perspective on running! Keep it up and you’ll go far. 😉 I love my Garmin 110 except I don’t think they make that model anymore???


    1. Thank you! That means a lot<3
      I´m glad you liked it. Yes, running really is beautiful. I´d never expected it to be that, but I´m all about surprises;-)
      I´ll have a look online if I can find it anywhere, but thanks for your comment and recommendation!

      Liked by 1 person

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