Self-love, comparing ourselves and Social Media

“Nobody´s perfect”

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Todays task is writing a text which starts and incorporates quotes. I wanted to take this chance and talk to you guys about social media and the fuss about this young woman Essena O´Neil.

You may not or maybe you heard about this. It´s currently all over the internet. Essena O´Neil quitting her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram and all her social media sites. In that place she started a blog “Socialmediaisnotreal” about how people can be who they want to be or portrait who they want to portrait on Social Media. That almost all you see is fake and unreal. She started because she felt she was´t living the life she wanted. She felt she was portraying a fake image of herself on the internet. Now she wants to raise awareness.

I have to say, very brave of you Essena and thumbs up for you for doing this, because that has also been something on my mind recently. I´ve been thinking and experiencing a lot about it and related to it lately. Social pressure to look perfect. Teens having more anxiety than ever…

I totally agree that with all this photoshopping and reediting on social Media, the young generation, but also everybody else, is seeing this “perfect life”, these “perfect people” and wanting to be like them. Just like I quoted above “Comparison is the thief of joy”. It really is. Because instead of being happy with what we have and making the best out of everyday and everything, we look at these people and these photos and compare ourselves and our lives to that. We start to hate ourselves and wish we were someone else.

Feel free to print these out and hang them up as a reminder. Or send them to someone who needs it at the moment.

Now where is that getting us? Nowhere. Because we are all unique and everyone is great and beautiful in their own way. People aren´t the same and no one lives the same life and exactly that is the beauty of life.

“Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken”. That’s a great quote as well. You should shine and embrace who you are and not compare yourself to other people, because they´re always going to be different. But that´s not bad, that´s amazing. Look at what you can do, look at yourself in the mirror and see every little thing about yourself and start to love it. I´m not saying you will be able to love yourself in one minute, if that´s true for you, that´s great. But for those who´ve had problems, and I get you, it´s not going to be easy. Still, I want you to start that journey. Start giving yourself more attention, start liking who you are and start loving the little things that make your life great.


Forget about what everyone else thinks about you. Forget about the numbers in your Instagram feed. Forget about them. Forget about everything that makes you feel insecure.

Now start to connect with you. Start to live your life more consciously. Start being you.

This is what we need social media to display. Real human beings and self-love and acceptance.

There are two sides of everything. True. Social Media is everywhere. We are connected and logged in constantly. We can always see the perfect people on Instagram. On the other side with social media we can reach a lot of people to spread good messages. We can keep friendships, even though there are thousands of miles between us.

We always have to look at both sides to see the real thing or to make a proper opinion.
When you see a picture on Instagram, you only see the picture. What you don´t see is what the camera didn’t capture. That´s why I think Essena is doing something pretty good when she´s going through her pictures and rewriting the captures replacing them with what really was going on. That really opens the eye. You see all the glamour on one side and the other side you don´t see is the feeling of loneliness or pressure to get the “perfect” picture or be the “perfect” person.

Because you know what “Nobody´s perfect”. Everyone is perfectly imperfect in their own way.


I think this is a good start of Essena O´Neil. We can change something here, something what really needs to be changed.

I get that people want to look at something beautiful. Something “perfect”. I get that that´s fun or whatever. I myself like to look at beautiful things. I like to look at nature. Nature is what it is. It doesn´t lie and it doesn´t do it´s best to look a certain way. That´s what I love about it. It´s beautiful without trying.

It doesn´t need makeup to cover up and make it look perfect. Now don´t get me wrong. I´m not against makeup. I like to wear makeup from time to time and I don´t judge anyone who wears it all the time. If you like it, wear it. What I mean is that if we wear makeup to look a certain way or because we want to fit in…that´s what I think isn´t right. We should embrace our natural beauty. We should be who we are. Not who we´re not. We shouldn´t cover up and wear a mask and sell that mask.
Now, if you like wearing a dark lip and that´s you, then girl, do it. If you feel uncomfortable wearing makeup, but you do it to cover up the acne, stop. Please, you´re beautiful the way you are. Smile.

I know we all have those moments when we hate or dislike who we are. But let´s work together to make those moments as little as possible. Let´s stop comparing and start loving ourselves, because we´re worth it.

I came across a quote from Anna Kendrick recently and it really finishes this off well: ” Don´t worry (about your looks), everything´s photoshopped.”

Let´s be more human and less perfect.

What do you think?
I´d love to hear your opinions.  Do you think Essena is doing the right thing?
This was a long post (I feel kind of like a speech…;-))…Comment down below if you read it all:-)
And like, if you think our world needs more love<3
Also feel free to print these photos out and hang them up for a reminder or give them to someone you think might need them. Spread the love;-)
Until then


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21 thoughts on “Self-love, comparing ourselves and Social Media

  1. Great post! We really do need to change the mindset that’s been going on lately. We’re all perfect as we are, because we are we. There’s nothing more beautiful than someone who’s being themselves, and loving themselves. That is so so important.
    Just last week I came across something called “mirror work”, which is a type of practice you can do to start loving yourself more (which I think we all need). Check out my latest post if you want to know more about it 🙂

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  2. So glad I found your blog! I think being seen as “perfect” by societies standards is something that many people struggle with to some extent. That’s why I love what you pointed out about the camera not capturing the whole picture! There is so much more to people’s lives than we see and it’s so important to remember that and celebrate it! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I stopped using all social media except my blog from last year. Because it is so vague and artificial interaction out there! And you may notice, I never reveal my identity in my blog also, because I don’t want the people who know me, to come here and like my posts without reading and then curse me for travelling on my back! How awful that may sound, but it is true


    1. That´s so great of you:-) Wow, pretty brave.
      I didn´t start using them in the first place. Well, I had to start using WhatsApp, because I was pretty excluded from everything. That is another negative point. Pressure.
      But you have good points. It is sad to think about it that way and the fact that you say it´s true is just very sad. I´m sorry:-( I did notice you not revealing to much. I don´t blame you, I really get it. I try to do my best as well;-)

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  4. Not everything in social media is fake, though. But I really feel that ever since the social media trends, people got to be more consumptive. “good look” becomes the first priority in our life, because in the end, we are all motivated to show our life off to the friends we have in social media. That’s when things become exhausting.

    But I think we cannot blame the social media; it’s there to help us communicating with others. And since we are the one who have control upon it, it’s our responsibility to manage ourselves. Maybe it’d be better if we could limit our use of social media, and doing things because we do love it, not for the purpose of showing off. What do you think?

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    1. I think you have good points. It is us, who have control over it. That’s why it´s so important to spread the message and what Essena is doing, all the attention she´s getting, I think that´s a good start. Also it is positive how easy and fast we can communicate with people all over the world (just think you and me;-)) that really being the plus we should embrace positively.
      Like you said so well, that “good looks” becomes a very high priority and showing off. I think that taking a nice picture and putting it on Social Media isn´t something bad. What is annoying and important to stop is the reediting of bodies and the portraying of the “perfect life”. I mean, I do get it. Who doesn´t like to look at a beautiful picture of oneself, maybe with thinner legs or an overall thinner body? The thing is that that is just not real and putting it on social media for the world to see and pretending it is real, is just not realizing the responsibility. It´s a difference posting a beautiful picture (which by the way is art, pictures are beautiful art) and encouraging people or writing the plain truth, showing their whole life, not faked, or putting up a beautiful picture, saying how perfect everything is. If that´s right, that´s great. But mostly it´s not and people on the other side believe that that´s the only side. Mostly that goes into looking at their own life and starting to pick on it. Starting to dislike their lives, their bodies. That’s what I think is wrong.
      Again you´re right, not everyone does it. Which is great. I mean where would we be otherwise?!
      But some people are doing it and some people with a lot of influence.
      You said that very beautifully, we should do the things because we love to do them, not to show off and everything should be real life, not pretend, not “fake”. That, I agree with.
      Thanks so much for commenting! It´s great to hear your thoughts!
      (I had my answer all typed out and then I accidentally deleted everything, so this is take two…a little different. I hope you get what I mean;-))

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  5. i’m not sure everything on social media is fake, its hard to tell and i guess it depends on who you follow and have as friends. My friends are really not concerned with faking themselves on social media. Nor am i. So you get me make up less, fat and all in my bikini with white pasty legs because i dont care.
    If you feel that quiting is the way to go then great but i think we should be paving the way with our true images of what life and beauty is like.

    Keep it real, Share the love and we are only the most perfect version of ourselves!

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    1. Of course not everyone on social media is fake. But the temptation to “correct” some of those “imperfections” (which in my opinion make us humans and beautiful) are pretty high…
      Thumbs up to you for not faking yourself on social media and loving who you are, that´s great. And yes, it depends a great deal on who you follow and who you have around yourself as friends.
      I totally agree with you. We should stop the “faking” and start the loving and accepting of what real life actually looks like. Paving the way with our true images of what life and beauty is like. Very well said.
      Thanks for commenting:-)

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