Top 15 Things you should do in the Cinque Terre and photos that make you want to go there ASAP

This is long overdue, I´ve told you a couple of times and so here I am finally doing it. YAY! This is a very photo-heavy post. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Walk to the church on the mountain: Santa Maria di Montenero (close to Riomaggiore)
    cinqueterre12The view over almost all of the Cinque Terre is breathtaking, as well as the beautiful scenery!
  2. Eat in Vernazza
  3. Swim in the sea
  4. Sit down on the rocks somewhere and watch the sunset
  5. Hike the way from Riomaggiore to Manarola

    You don´t walk these kind of stairs up, the first ones do look like these, but the rest is composed of roots and soil…

    This is a very challenging hike. It´s mostly composed of walking up 1000 stairs. For those sport-freaks of you out there, it´s really fun and even for those who aren´t that fit I´d suggest it, with a few breaks you´ll master it just as well. The feeling of achievement up there is just amazing.
    If you´re not tired yet, grab a snack or eat a little something and go on the

  6. Hike from Vernazza to Monterosso

    This one is the most popular one, therefore it´s mostly very crowded. You´ll find people from so many countries there, connecting with them with only one look that says everything:”Damn-this-is-hard-and-I´m-sweating-but-it´s-so-worth-it-everything-is-just-so-beautiful”
    There´s no one to blame, since the views at every corner are just breathtaking, but it is quite something, if you´re walking in the sun and aren´t used to going up and down constantly.
    For me it was just amazing, because I went the same way the year before and this time is was so easy, meaning all my hard work paid off!!
  7. Take a boat-ride from one small town to another
  8. Eat the best Fish
  9. and the best Pizza
  10. Try to get to know people who live there
    Go in one of those tiny shops and buy something there and small-talk a little. Or talk to your neighbors on the beach… Or sit at the beach long enough to see who owns these cute boats…no, maybe that´s a little creepy..
  11. Get to know people from different countries
    Maybe you´ve mastered a hard hike with someone constantly hiking before you. Maybe the nice family/couple/person at the next table are very nice and you start to exchange words over the things on the menu… You never know… Just be open and friendly and you´ll surely get to know some people, maybe even a new friend?!
  12. Just sit on the beach and look at the sea
  13. Take strolls on the beach

    This is not exactly the beach, but it´s a popular tourist attraction and the weather was very stormy…perfect to take shots like these!
  14. If you have goggles, take a look underwater
    The water is very clear if it´s not stormy weather and you can see all kinds on fish there!
  15. Take time to breathe in the clear, salty air and just enjoy your stay

What are you waiting for? Go book the trip to the Cinque Terre now…! Or I excuse you, if you´d like to read more on my blog. For example my travels in Tuscany.;-)

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments down below if you did! Also tell me which one of these you´d  really like to do or if you´ve been there and think I forgot something, don´t hesitate to tell me!! Until then


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11 thoughts on “Top 15 Things you should do in the Cinque Terre and photos that make you want to go there ASAP

  1. Great pictures! I’ve been there once with my high school class loooong time ago, but I loved it! Thanks for bringing back some good memories 😀 I’d add a night swim in the ocean, but it’s probably not safe to advise that here xD

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  2. I would add: eat the ligurian “cheese focaccia bread” (you can also order it in italian: “focaccia al formaggio”). You won’t regret it at all! 😀

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