The day of the arrival

So this was it. I was so many thousand miles away from what I called home until now. I was lying in bed when I finally closed my eyes, this was a long day. A short time later I was sleeping, not knowing what´s going to come and not bothering either.

The airport was different from the one I left behind. I noticed everything new, as well as I realized that I wouldn´t be seeing anyone of my family or my friends for a year now. Yet I didn´t feel sad, nor anything else. I remember just letting everything come. Not really feeling anything.

I´d gone to a camp, where I rode horses on one half of the day and “learned” english on the other half. Our “lessons” were composed of simple games to learn basics like the numbers and the alphabet.
What was way more useful, were the few questions we learned. Things like “How are you” and “Where are you from?” as well as the matching answers. That and one game was the only thing I took with me from those three days of camp. With that knowledge I was left almost alone in a foreign country, with people whom I didn´t understand, because they were speaking a language I couldn´t speak.

The taxi driver looked nice, but he spoke funny. He laughed a lot, showing his white teeth while he spoke with my parents. They were indeed talking quite a lot. Probably about this place here. From time to time my dad would turn to us and ask us if we were okay. Then he´d say something about us, that made the nice guy smile and laugh some more, this time at us.


I remember looking out of the taxi all the way, not saying a word, just taking in everything I was seeing. This was so different from what I knew. There weren´t these huge highways and the fields and houses that I knew so well, that looked so much like home.

Little did I know that my definition of home would soon change, forever.

The next thing I remember was the taxi driving up a street and stopping before a huge house, or something more like a villa. But a very beautiful one, with fancy embellished walls and a wooden porch that was pretty big. As big as my whole room at home.
Then I remember everyone checking the address again and again, because this wasn´t the address we were looking for.

How we found out that our cute, little coachhouse was the one behind this gigantic villa, which was impossible to see from the street.
The taxi driver helped my parents bring all of our luggage into the little house.
It was only five in the afternoon, but for my inner watch it was past midnight, which meant that I was very tired. The flight was pretty long and watching movie after movie didn´t really help.

Somehow a lot of people knew we were coming and were courious who their new neighbors would be. A boy a little older than me, very good-looking came up to me. He asked me all the questions which I´d learned in camp and which made me so proud to answer him. That was really everything I could say and him asking exactly those questions surprised me, but also made me pretty happy.

It´s funny how I still know every little thing from this day. Time has passed and the good times there too. That was so many years ago and still I remember so much.

Two girls in my age smiled at me, but didn´t say much. They´d asked my name, but I was being introduced to everyone by my parents. With whom I then got to see all of the house.

A very cozy, beautiful and homey place it was. With three open fireplaces, an own room to eat and a room to play it was paradise on earth for me. It was very small compared to every house around us, but it was so much bigger than our little apartment home. It had a very pretty kitchen, with everything one needed in it. A microwave, a coffee machine and a huge bowl of fruit stood there.

We had a little meal that day and after a very short walk to the lake, which looked like the sea to me and made me feel like on vacation, I fell into bed being much more emotional than before. I actually felt content.

I didn´t waste a thought on what was to come, I just closed my eyes, feeling a little satisfaction and went to sleep straight away between the sheets in a place so many thousand miles away from what I called home.

How did you like it? What did you feel? What do you think it is about?
Tell me in the comments down below! I´d love to hear!
Also I don´t know what happened with the post I posted yesterday, but I´ll have it linked here so you can take a look. I´m actually very proud of it… It´s the Cinque Terre post, that you might have been waiting for…

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