How a Life List can change your life

A book that opened my eyes or really moved me, that is the task for today. I didn´t have to think very long about that. The book´s name is “The life list” from Lori Nelson Spielman.


The book is about a 34-year-old, Brett, who´s mother dies, to whom she had a very close relationship. Her two brothers inherit a lot of money, but she doesn´t inherit anything, not until she completes all of her goals for life which she wrote down and threw away when she was fourteen.Her mother saved it out of the trash bin and now wants her to finish it.
Brett is at first very mad and sad, but she doesn´t have a choice, since her Mom didn’t even give her old job to Brett, which was running their famous family cosmetics company, but giving it to her sister-in-law, who then has the orders to fire Brett.
She starts working on her life-list, which is not easy, since she has to buy a house, a horse  and a dog with no money, be a teacher, perform on stage, marry the man of her life and have a baby in just 12 months.


On the way of completing the Life-List she learns so much about real life. About really loving and living, about helping people less fortunate than her. She learns that money can´t buy happiness and she discovers the teacher in her, teaching kids who can´t go to school.
Along the way, when she completes each goal, there is a letter from her mom waiting for her. These letters are so honest, so loving and so true, that even I cried when reading.

Brett realizes how well her mother knew her and how much she loved Brett. She learns the real story of herself and uncovers long-lasting child-traumas, concerning her dad. She realizes that life isn´t about making oneself comfortable and being lazy. She realizes that you have to take chances, change and go out of your comfort zone. She learns what real love is, from learning to love a 18-year-old, who go pregnant and who has no chance of surviving.

The book really touched me in the depth of my heart and go me to wonder, if I was being lazy and staying inside my comfort zone.
After finishing this book in one and a half days, I decided that for me as well some changes needed to be made.
I wanted to realize a long-forgotten dream of mine to learn to dance on ice.
I also thought about what was really important to me. Which people were important to me and which ones only caused me to feel less than I am or made use of my skills, just like Bretts perfect boyfriend.
I made the huge decision to stop riding at my stable, since the people there were making me feel less and going there was just more stressful than fun and that was not the point of it.
That really huge decision brought up some other questions of what I wanted to do then. Of what I wanted out of life in all.


I´m not done with turning my life around, but I did take the first steps out of my comfort zone. I encourage you to do the same. Life it there to be lived, it´s there to make memories you won´t forget and most important of all it is yours. Yours to live, yours to change and yours to be happy.

Read the book, it is really very powerful and it really changed a big part of my life for me. Tell me what you thought of the book, if you read it (which I highly suggest you do!!!) and feel free to share the book that moved you.
Until then



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22 thoughts on “How a Life List can change your life

  1. I will definitely have to read that book! And I am so inspired to make a list of my own. For some reason, maybe just the name or concept, but it sounds more appealing to me that the bucket list. Thanks for sharing this xx

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    1. You should! 🙂
      I´d love to hear about your list! If you post it or just keep it to yourself?!
      I´m really very glad I could inspire you. It makes me so happy hearing that!
      Lists are the best! (I´ll be sharing my life list soon, just if you´re interested…;-))
      Thank you for stopping by XO

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  2. Found you via Dream Big Dream Often. This is a great story and thought provoking. I think Brett was very lucky. I love lists too – especially marking them off as done. So satisfying!

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    1. Yes, it is indeed a great idea..
      That´s s great to hear that this inspired you! You definitely should write a list(maybe on your blog-if so I´d really love to read it!!) and read the book, it´s so touching and you really get inspiration for your own list! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!!I´d love to hear from your list!!:-) XO

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