Christmas Time/December is upon us, that means the start of two new SERIES!!!

Hey guys, I´m back. It´s been only a couple of days, but that was enough to get me to really start missing writing. This is only a short post, where I´ll be introducing two tiny series which will be going all through December.

I´m not sure what to call them yet, so if you have any ideas, I would really appreciate it. For the christmas theme I was thinking about #SunnyChristmas or #Christmaswithalittlesunshine. Do they sound cheesy or do you think they could work? The other thing is #going_into_newyear_with_a_little_sunshine, #newyearswithsunny, #newyearnewshine or #toanewsunnyyear.


Once the names are set, I´ll start posting some things themed all around christmas and new year. Christmas decor, holiday workouts as well as gift guides (I´m really excited about these, because I´ve been planning them for a year…yeah, I´m a little weird sometimes…no judgement…) and some poems and maybe stories around the christmasy theme. Another things I´m working on at the moment is a ranking of the best christmas movies. I´m hoping to post that early so you have enough time to watch one or two before christmas! That´s really it to the Christmas theme.


Another thing I´m currently very happy about working on is a collaboration with an amazing blogger, I won´t spoil too much, but it has something to do with the New Years theme.

I hope you enjoy what I´ll write and that we can get in holiday spirit together, because I´m guilty of not feeling the slightest…this year passed by too fast, my heads still lost at the end of summer…. and also start bright and sunny into the New Year!!

Also if you have any requests on what you´d love me to write about, please don´t hesitate to tell me in the comments or via e-mail. I always love hearing from you!


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Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I am a young student studying Biochemistry in Germany and blogging as I travel the world in my free time. I have a passion for all things travel, fitness, books and getting to know the lives of people from all over the world. I blog mostly about my travels, honestly and openly sharing my experiences. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of Fitness content in there as well, as I am also a certified personal trainer. So come join me in the ride that is this weird and crazy thing called life. I'm happy to have you here :) XO Little Sunshine

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