The Gift-Giving Basics-a must read for everyone this season! (Part 1 of Christmaswithalittlesunshine)

So this is the first post of the series “Christmas with a little sunshine”. I´m going to be talking about the gift giving basics, tips on finding the perfect present, giving thoughtful presents without spending much money and time. So are you ready?


  1. Not overdoing giving presents 
    This is something I always do and it´s actually really depressing. I mean everyone is always all about giving rather than receiving and I think that is so awesome. But you should give presents to people you know will really appreciate it and who will also have thought of you. It´s just depressing when you spend so much time and money on presents for everyone (including people who don´t appreciate the effort) and you end up with one or two cards of people who actually thought of you.
    Giving to the poor and less fortunate is of course a big exception here. I think christmas is all about giving to the less fortunate and the people who struggle, spreading the much needed love in the world.
  2. Being prepared when you get a surprise gift
    On the other hand getting a present from someone you didn´t expect would give you one is a little awkward, so either you don´t care or you are prepared. That means always carrying tiny little thing with you, something like a candy cane with a small card on it (on which you can write the name of the gift-giver and a small note really quickly because you forgot the gift in your car…;-)) or a selfmade cupcake…
  3. Shopping on a budget 
    It is actually very possible to make someone happy without spending a fortune. Small thoughtful things like a book, a gift card to their favorite store or to a night at the movies. I´ll post many more gift ideas on this blog in the next time, so stay tuned.
    Other than that, making a list of people you want to give gifts to and which to gifts you´ll give them, gives you a pretty good overlook of your financial situation.
  4. Making a budget list
    Or you make a whole budget list and write the price you want to spend in total on all the gifts on top and at the bottom and then divide it up between the people you want to give gifts to.
  5. Giving thoughtful gifts 
    The perfect gift is usually nothing worth a fortune! The thoughtful gifts are the ones that actually count. So the first step here is thinking about the interests of the person, or if you went shopping recently and the person came across something and went like “That is so cool. I need that” but didn´t end up buying it. Try to think of what they love to do or with what they always have a problem with and try to solve that (e.g. someone always forgets their pencil, then you can buy them a set of pencils, or something like that)
  6. Making a gift list
    Like I said before, make a list to keep track of everything. I personally am a huge lover of lists so I always make one and crossing things off is the best feeling!
  7. The perfect packaging makes a tiny gift look like so much more. Don´t overdo it though, wrapped once and tied with a bow is really enough! Don´t wrap it 1000 times, that´s just wasting paper. Also just a ribbon with a tiny card on it, is enough to make someone smile!

I hope you enjoyed this and that it helped you! If you have any troubles coming up with ideas for your loved ones, leave me a comment down below or send me an e-mail and I´ll help you out!

Happy Making and shopping!



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8 thoughts on “The Gift-Giving Basics-a must read for everyone this season! (Part 1 of Christmaswithalittlesunshine)

    1. I´m really sorry to hear that. Here it hasn´t turned into a gift card obsession yet.
      I think, you should still give some people thoughtful gifts, maybe you can turn the area around you into a non-gift-card-area;-) Then it´d be fun again! XO

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        1. Very well said! Although I believe that a little something can go a long way, but you´re right it isn´t the base of a friendship, nor does it “make” a friendship that doesn´t have a base and only exists in these few days. (To say it a little harsh, but I think it´s true…)

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