Why cookbooks are the perfect gift for everyone

This is the first gift idea post of my holiday gift guide, if you missed the introduction and my basics on gift-giving, go check them out. The next weeks I´ll be sharing different gift-ideas I use and I find work well. I´m one of those people who doesn´t like getting and giving things no one needs. I like to give away things a person will actually use and enjoy using. Little or a little bigger things that come from the heart and that show that you thought of the person and their needs. Other than that, I´ll just hop into this post.

SO, cookbooks…A chapter for itself. I LOVE cookbooks, so anyone who knows me, knows I´m obsessed with them. When I walk by a bookstore and I see a cute/pretty/delicious/amazing/crafty cover of a cookbook, I´ll be sure to stop and take a look. Enough about me, let´s get to the point.

Cookbooks are for everyone. Everyone needs to eat and everyone needs to cook something from time to time and no one likes to taste nasty food. See, everyone needs cookbooks. And the great thing about them is that they literally come in all shapes and sizes. I´ll make myself clear on some examples and you´ll see that the perfect gift for someone was just waiting to be picked up at a book store.


Let´s say your Dad loves Tuscany. I mean who doesn´t?! Anyone who´s been there, knows what I´m talking about. If you don´t take a look at my Tuscany posts to fall in love as well! Anyways, to bring him that special feeling into his own kitchen, give him a cookbook all around the amazing kitchen there. He´s sure to love it.

Another example, your boyfriend hates cooking, or at least says he´s so bad at it, but he does love to eat (I mean he´s a guy, duh!?;-)). Why don´t you get him a cookbook for guys. There are actual books titeled something like “Tonight the man cooks”(I just made that up, but I did see books that had similar titles). Just take a look at the cookbook section of your local bookstore. I think it´s a really fun idea, a little daring, but definitely a laugh. And who know´s maybe you´ll be the one who´s being cooked for next year?!

If you still don´t believe me that a cookbook is for everyone than I´ll give you a last example. Say you need a gift for your niece or cousin or grandchild or child or whatever kid you have around you. A cookbook for children might be an amazing choice. There are many many easy recipes out there, that children enjoy making. Also imagine what it means for a child to get a cookbook and be able to cook or bake on it´s own (with adult supervision of course)!? It means the child is “old” and trusted enough to handle this!


To finish this off, I´ll list the different types of cookbooks below, maybe you´ll get an idea now. There are…:

  • cookbooks from different cultures and countries (Asian cooking, indian cooking, italian specialities, the french cuisine,…)
  • cookbooks for different groups of people (easy cooking for beginners, the advanced cookbook, cooking for students, on-the-go cooking, cooking on a budget,…)
  • cookbooks for different diets/lifestyles (vegan cooking, vegetarian basics, paleo, …)
  • cookbooks for the ones with a sweet tooth among us (baking books, how to make chocolate books, all different kinds of treats, …)
  • cookbooks combining different aspects (italian food vegan, clean eating in america…)

If all else fails, the DVD of “Julie&Julia” is an option for anyone as well. It´s a very cute movie all about cooking french in america and blogging about it. This maybe something for you and a blogger-friend to watch together?!

I hope I got you in the mood to buy some cookbooks! More ideas will be coming soon…I have a lot planned for you! Until then



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