Never Want To Lose Weight.

So true. A must read for everyone!!! Enjoy!

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If you want to change your body at all – do it for health!

Losing weight and eating less are all negative words in the sense that they mean that something is being taken away. I think language is very important, and I don’t think our brains can totally comprehend these words. If you think of eating less – you have to therefore think of eating. If you think of losing weight, you might have the sense of something being taken away and that can feel unpleasant.

Changing words to positives and specifics have a huge impact.

Gain muscle. Run 5k. Speak kinder to myself, by repeating affirmations and mantras. These are actual, tangible goals to reach for. Rather than ambiguous concepts that leave you feeling lost and confused as to what to do.

If you want to lose weight, then you can spend a lot of mental energy planning…

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I am a nature-loving, reading and writing sport-freak with a passion for traveling, foreign countries and history. Besides that I love to listen to music, sing along, paint, sketch, draw, photograph literally anything and everything, talk a lot, laugh more, inspire people and enjoy life one day at a time.

8 thoughts on “Never Want To Lose Weight.

    1. Sure thing! It is such an amazing post, with an important message, it deserves to be spread wide! All the best to you!
      Btw. I totally adore your blog. You write so incredibly motivating bare truth and also very inspirational things! I´m looking forward to reading more from you!

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  1. I’m someone who is fit and comfortable with my body, surrounded by people who constantly say they need to ‘lose weight’, ‘eat less’, ‘stop eating pizza’, etc. I want to share this with all those people so they can understand, because there is a whole psychology of words and how it affects the brain and hunger!

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    1. That´s true! Go ahead, share this with them! 🙂 I found it amazing as well!
      I feel you! It´s really hard sometimes, at least for me.But I think it´s so amazing that you are fit and comfortable with your body, it´s so important and it´s much more beautiful to live that way:-)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! XO PS: I´d love to hear if you actually share this with them;-)


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