Options are gifts as well

A few posts ago I started the series #christmaswithalittlesunshine and I´m very happy about how well you seem to like it! (Click here for my last post on what to get the writer in your life) Don´t worry if you think those are the only ideas and tips I can give you, because I have a lot more planned for you. Including this post which is about giving options as gifts. If you´re thinking “How could I give options as gifts?!” then read on and I´ll show you!

Sometimes you don´t know what the person you´re giving a gift to really wants. What you do know most of the time are their interests. Things they like. The great thing here is that you don´t know exactly what they like. I´ll give you a few examples, to make things clearer.

Say you want to give someone a perfume for christmas or you know the person loves good smells, but you don´t know which scent exactly they like. What about giving them a gift-card for a store nearby that sells only perfumes?! That would be paradise for them and they could choose the smell they really like.

Another example would be a music lover. You know the person loves music, all kinds of music. You also know that they have a gigantic selection of CDs at home (I know CDs are pretty much out, but nevertheless it is a good idea to bring back that tradition…) or they spend so much money on buying music via iTunes, that you have the impression they own everything already. But don´t you worry, a gift card to a music store or a iTunes card may just be the thing they wanted.

DSC_0501.jpgIf you´re not convinced yet, here´s another one, a little bit different. Say your girlfriend is always totally stressed out, maybe she is pretty successful and has a lot on her hands, maybe she just does too many things or maybe she´s just had a really hard time lately. Nevertheless you want to give her something she´ll totally love and maybe will also help her relax and get her mind off things. If you think that´s impossible, check out these options. Give her a massage gift card to a very good massage saloon, or learn to do massages and give her a gift card for endless massages from you;-). Or you could give her a gift card to 10x Yoga at the local yoga studio/gym. Another option is taking her on a weekend trip someplace she´s always wanted to go, or if your budget doesn´t allow it, just a weekend someplace where you live that is still not your home, so something different (a lake/a mountain/the sea…).

If you didn´t find any ideas in these three examples, here´s a list of different gift card ideas.

Gift cards for…

  • a book store
  • a night out at a restaurant
  • her favorite makeup store
  • his favorite electronics store
  • an art exhibition
  • a massage
  • a 3 months gym membership
  • a haircut (there are two possibilities on what most girls do when they´re upset: go shopping or get a new haircut-this is an old wisdom of the french, which is true for most of the rest of the feminine world as well)
  • CDs
  • the cinema
  • a concert
  • a dance class

I hope this helped you out! Let me know in the comments down below if you´re a big gift card giver or if you prefer presence as presents, like Marquessa said on a previous post of mine. Until then



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Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I am a young student studying Biochemistry in Germany and blogging as I travel the world in my free time. I have a passion for all things travel, fitness, books and getting to know the lives of people from all over the world. I blog mostly about my travels, honestly and openly sharing my experiences. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of Fitness content in there as well, as I am also a certified personal trainer. So come join me in the ride that is this weird and crazy thing called life. I'm happy to have you here :) XO Little Sunshine

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