The ultimate guide to snacking healthy

Snacking, especially during the holidays can be hard. We rush from date to date, there´s no time to stop and eat. Yet we should always nourish our body with good foods and prevent it on running dry.
If you´re struggling, trust me, I´ve been there, I know it´s hard. That´s why I´ve decided to help you out. I was given the necessary motivation and inspiration by to write this post for you . So here we go! These are my tips on snacking healthy, especially during this time of year, and many snack ideas.

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Before you snack: Listen to your body!

Learn to understand your body. That means learn to understand when it does need fuel and when it wants something different. Here are a few tips on how to.

  1. Drink enough water -That´s a classic for a reason. Drinking water is essential for your health, your hair, your nails, your organs…pretty much for all of your body. And sometimes the hunger you feel is actually thirst, so make sure you drink before you eat.
  2. Move throughout the day – I know you might be thinking what the heck is she writing about movement in a snacking post?! Wait for it. When you move, your working your body and the awareness of your it. You start to connect with it and know it´s needs. But not only that, sometimes when you feel “hunger”, it´s the same misunderstanding as with thirst, but this time your body wants to be moved. So move it. Walk around for 10 minutes, do a quick 5 minute workout. Then feel if your body still needs a snack.
    When I just ate an hour ago and am feeling hungry again, I try to squeeze in a quick workout with a lot of stretches. Then I don´t feel hungry anymore, but refreshed and ready to continue on what I was doing.

Once you’ve had a big glass of water and moved your body and you´re still hungry, don´t get back to what you were doing. Please nourish your body with healthy foods. Because it is important to eat between meals. If your body tells you so. If you don´t eat then you´re more or less starving your body for a period of time, which if repeated often, leads to binge eating. So eat between meals! First a few tips on snacking properly:

  1. Eat slowly. Listen to your body, it´ll tell you when it has had enough. If you´re eating fast, your body won´t have the chance to tell you it´s had enough, it can´t “act” that fast. Go slow on it.
  2. Give your food all the attention. It deserves it! Don´t distract yourself with something else while eating. It´ll only ´cause the same belated reaction of your body or non at all, because your brain can´t get the “I´m full” signals, when it´s preoccupied with something else, which makes you eat more than you actually need.
  3. Plan ahead what you´ll eat, including snacks. Have some with you where ever you go, that way, when you fell hunger you aren´t surprised and need to act fast, but you can give your body what it needs.
    If you forgot to bring something, go to the nearest grocery store and get yourself some fruit, that always works for me!
  4. Don´t eat away stress and bad moods. Drink water and exercise to relieve stress. Don´t eat it all in yourself. It´ll only make you feel worse than before.

All in all you need to really listen to your body and make the best choices for it. That includes the snacks. For me, homemade snacks are the best and the healthiest. When buying from the store make sure you´re not buying extra trans fats and sugar in a “fit” bar, for example. Read the labels!
Here my ideas for snacks, mostly homemade.

  • Apples – I always have at least 2 apples in my purse/ bag when I leave the house in the morning. Everyone around me knows this and sometimes makes full of me and my apples. But I really love them. They´re crisp, they´re yummy, they are easy to take with you in your bag, they are fast to grab on the go and they really fill me up. What better combination is there?!
  • Any kind of Fruit is great. I like to bring pears along with my apples. Or I buy grapes on my way home to snack on the train. Any fruit is amazing for your body. You get fiber, vitamins and so much more from these goodies, plus they make me happy…
    If you´re at home packing your christmas presents and you find you´re hungry, make yourself a quick fruit salad, trust me, it´ll brighten your day!
  • Veggies – They are almost as easy to grab on the go as fruit. Before you leave the house, cut away the pieces you can´t eat and wash the vegetable. Maybe bring along a dip or humus to make it more fun and tastier to snack on later. I personally enjoy carrots and celery with humus.
  • Dried fruit is easy to pack and so yummy to eat as well!
  • Trail Mixes are the best. You should have one trail mix package for every bag or purse you own, so you don´t need to think of it when you leave the house and you´ll always have it on hand when you´re out and about. Nuts and dried fruit give you instant energy as well as fiber and protein! How great is that?!
  • Granola Bars are the same only for me easier to pack in my bag and easier to eat. There are great recipes on the internet for granola bars to make at home. I´ll be posting my recipe soon, so stay tuned;-)!
  • Whole-Wheat Crackers – When buying some, read the labels! Make sure you´re not buying any “healthy” crackers, which aren´t healthy at all!
  • Smoothies! I LOVE smoothies! And I love having them in between, giving me an amazing energy boost! They sell amazing smoothies in most grocery stores, so keep an eye out for them! Most of them are handy and small and packed with amazing things for you!
  • Juices at the local juice bar are amazing as well!
  • Wraps with lots of veggies are an alternative as well.
  • Small Salads are something good to snack on, but they´re not for everyone and especially nothing for a long day of christmas shopping when you need something fast on the hand.
  • In the christmas time, I like to bake healthy christmas cookies to pack when I leave the house, to get me in the christmas mood while snacking on amazing christmas cookies that are actually good for you! Check out my “lebkuchen” recipe for a healthy, protein-filled christmas cookie!

These were my ideas. To finish off some ideas for at home, when you want to snack on something more interesting than a plain apple or a plain banana!

What to do with apples and bananas:

  • add Peanut butter
  • add Almond butter
  • add Almond butter/Peanut Butter and Raisins or other dried fruit
  • add Almond butter/Peanut Butter and crunch, like granola
  • try around! What can you come up with?

The same goes for bread, try around and find what you like. Where I live, you always eat bread with butter. But for me that´s lame. I still eat bread but I mix it up, for example spreading peanut butter all over and adding a cut banana on top-YUM!


That was my post! Hope you enjoyed it! Please do let me know by liking and commenting so I know to do more healthy lifestyle posts! Until then



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