How to find happiness in the New Year

Do you want to leave all the stress of 2015 behind and start fresh in this new year? Do you want to finally find happiness? Do you want to be happy? You do?
Then don´t go looking for happiness, don´t cry over how unhappy you are.

Because I have amazing tips for you that will change your life. Make you happier.
Let me tell you beforehand, it´s all about how you look at things, how much you let things affect you and what you choose to be and do everyday. So this is all about you. It needs to come from you. Might be hard at first, but, think of it, this also means that you CAN actually change something. Not just something, a lot!
Are you ready? Let´s go! In five steps to happiness.

happiness new year

1. Adjust your state of mind – think positive

I don´t know if you saw the movie „Pitch Perfect 2“, if you did you´d know a new girl with the Bellas who´s always saying stuff like „Oh this isn´t as bad as when I got malaria in Africa“ when everyone else is totally freaking out. (I don´t know if she says exactly that, but it´s pretty close.)
What this has to do with you? You should take away a thing or two from her and adjust your state of mind.When something happens that stresses you, start thinking that what just happened to you isn´t the end of the world, you´re going to live. How stupid that may sound, it actually works. Try it! You´ll feel much more relaxed that way, which makes you more capable of thinking clearly and not freaking out.
When I started thinking that way, I was actually less stressed, by things that would´ve usually freaked me out immensely.
Things to think in a stressful situation:
  • Will this matter in 10 days?
  • Will this decrease my life´s qualitiy?
  • Compared to a person on the street, how bad is this?
  • Will this matter in one month?
  • Will I still be thinking about this in one year?
  • Will this affect my life in five years?

If you answered “no” to all f these, then stop stressing. You´re going to be okay AND you´re going to be less stressed.

When you´ve started stressing less, you´ll notice you have a lot more time to think about other stuff. Don´t start picking at yourself or your body, don´t doubt yourself, don´t get about other peoples´ mistakes. Instead, start looking in the mirror and saying/thinking to yourself something like “Good job, girl! You did well” or “You are looking fabulous today!”. Sound cheesy to you? Why don´t you give it a try!?
Another thing to fill up your positive vibes, is to look at something that makes you happy, breath in and out and just smile about it. You´ll notice at how fast your life can become much less negative.

2. Take time for yourself to relax

This is so important for being able to give your all at life. Without unwinding sometimes and enjoying some quiet time, you can quickly feel worn down.
The best way to relax is different for everyone. You know best what you need. If it is taking a long bath with relaxing music or reading a book while sipping on a mug of tea, lying on your couch, covered in blankets. If it´s doing Yoga in the morning or just simply going for a walk. Whatever you enjoy. Do it. Often. As much as you need and as long as you can.

3. Do the things you love

love sign heart

This is essential for your wellbeing. Don´t force yourself to things you hate to do. Do you love to draw, but never find the time? Stop searching it. Just take it. It´s your decision. If you hate your job and you know you´d love to do something else, why don´t you take a chance and quit and start new?! If you spend time with what you love, you´ll feel much happier and fulfilled. Once again, I dare you to try it!:-)

4. Cut out negative people from your life

This is something that has been and is very hard for me personally. I do give my best at it and I will continue in the coming year, to just cut out the people who make me feel worthless, stupid, …
I know everybody always says this, but it really is true. If you surround yourself more often with people who appreciate, support and love you, you´ll feel much more positive, energised and confident. Now who woudn´t want that? Just take time with the people who really matter.
I wrote a post about identifying the negative people in your life, check it out here!

5. Be thankful

Make a list about what you´re thankful for. Your house? Your family? Your dog? Your camera? Your job? Your friends? The trips you made? The food on your table? …There are so many things to be thankful for. Appreciate the big things, be thankful for them, but also find the beautiful things in your every day life. The flower on the sidewalk, the beautiful sunrise, the full moon, the way a young man helped an old woman just now, the book you´re reading

If you start one-by-one changing these things in your life, without hurry and with as much self-love, calmness and understanding for yourself as possible. I really hope this helped you! To an amazing year full of happiness!


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