My New Years Resolutions 2016

I know I already posted my New Years resolutions. Yet, here I am posting an other post on them. Why? Because you guys got me thinking. A lot of you commented on how long the list was and I was aware of that. Yet, I thought again. 50 resolutions means crossing of one resolution per 7 days. Which is a pretty short time. I think I could really do it. But, do I want that? Another year of stress after one I´ve said enough is enough, from now on as little stress as possible?

On a long train ride I had the time to think. My solution: I set priorities and I wrote down the resolutions that really mattered and that would really bring me joy. If I have time, I´ll work towards the other resolutions on my long list. So here it is, my shortend list of resolutions.

  1. master the crow
  2. master the splits (30-day split challenge)
  3. master the headstand
  4. practice three times a week

5. run a half marathon in April and September
6. run three times per week


7. join a gym
8. work towards a six-pack
9. get definiton in arms
10. get stronger legs


11. write one letter per month
12. paint one painting per month
13. sketch more
14. joural


15. slow down
16.take more me-time (do your nails, take baths)
17. cut-back on activities that stress you
18. only do what you really enjoy
19. Read one book per month

What do you think? I´m pretty proud of it;-)

Taking the occation that where I am the New Year will start in a couple of hours:


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