You´ll never go, if you´ll never say good-bye

There are many songs that have very inspirational lyrics. This is one: Never say good-bye. Enjoy!

I´d like to talk a bit about the message of the song.

You´ll never fly if you´re too scared of the heights,
you´ll never go it you´re too scared to die
if you´ll never say goodbye

You should leave all your fears behind you, forget them or challenge them. Do something that totally freaks you out. Don´t think about what might go wrong. Do think about how you´re actually doing this. you´re conquering your fear. You´re really living.

That´s what life is all about. To overcome our fears. To constantly try something new. To make memories and to get out of our comfort zone.

I know that can be really hard. Well actually it is very hard. Only those with the will and the strength get out of their comfort zone and start living life. Those people don´t only exist. They really live. That´s the difference.

I want you to think about something that scares you now.

Something you´ve always wanted to do, but couldn´t because of your fear or anything else that was holding you back.

Now think of what you could do to overcome that fear. It doesn´t have to be something major. It can be something little.

You think that is all theory and that it doesn´t work that way?! Well let me tell you something.

Ever since I was a kid, I´ve loved to skate. I´d always skate with my parents. They´d take me to the rink every winter. They´d stay 5 more minutes and then 5 more and another 5… I´d always play with my friends on the ice, too, if they went with me. We´d play tag or something else wild. I´d watch the professionals in the rink and look at how they did things. I´d copy them and I´d get better and better, teaching myself as I went. 

I could go on one foot, the other one stretched long behind me. My dream was to ice skate. My friends back home did it, but I couldn´t, because I rode horses and that was expensive enough. I´d always tell myself, that I was made to horse-back-ride. That that was my destiny, not to ice skate. Ice Skating would remain a dream not to be realized. 

Then one time I went to skate with friends I´ve never skated before. They were really impressed by my skills and that made me so incredibly proud and happy, that I reconsidered the whole ice-skating-dream. 

A year later I quit horse-back-riding at my stable, because the atmosphere was getting worse and worse and I decided to leave those negative vibes behind me and move on. That was huge step and I don´t regret anything. I still ride in the holidays always someplace different in the world. 

Somehow I came back to think of ice skating. I wanted to take a chance. I wanted to get to know how it was to actually take classes in ice skating. I wanted to know if I could learn to do those fancy jumps… If I wasn´t to old for that.
You have to start at 5 or something to actually learn it well…was that true?? 

So with the support of my family I wrote an e-mail to a local rink and got a chance to do a try-out lesson. 

same person as now in five years do something.jpg

The day I drove there I was beyond nervous. What if I was so bad everyone laughs at me? What if I don´t find it? What if the people there aren´t nice? 

I got there and it all went smoothly. In the rink I met someone who was as nervous as me and who´s lesson it also was the first. 
I also met not so nice people, but I just thought I ´ wasn’t going to let them ruin everything. 

Our trainer didn´t arrive which was not so nice and so we had to join another group which was not the best one. They were just learning to cross over when going in a circle. I knew how to do that. That was easy. The trainer wasn´t content with my skills though. She said I have to really stretch my legs, otherwise it doesn´t look nice. Okay. I did that. The other ones were really busy getting their feet in order, which wasn´t something bad, I mean everyone starts somewhere. Ten years ago I probably looked like that, too. But it was not fun for me know. At the end of the lesson, in which I didn´t break a sweat once, I asked if there were any better classes. I was asking the wrong person. She said, if I were to take some more classes I´d have to take a test and then my trainers will let me know if I could go in a better team. Great. 

I though about how everyone starts small and how I could really develop basic skills that were very good in a class like that. But I didn´t want to drive there anymore. I didn´t like the people and I didn´t want to be bored in every lesson. I mean that is not the point of it all. 

At home, I was very happy with myself, despite of the boring lesson, because I´d done something that was out of my comfort zone and I´d tried something new. Something scary. And it wasn´t bad at all. 

There you go. My story of getting out of my comfort zone. Now go get out of yours. Try a new sport. A new way of writing. A new way to dress…. Get rid of your old habits and your old you and go find, get and achieve a new YOU!

And if you did it and it sucks. You´ll know that you don´t have to cry after your dream.
I know that I am way better off with my Yoga, Running and Pilates. And I know that I am strong enough to try something new. Like a new pose or a longer distance.

You´ll never go if you´ll never say good-bye.

How true.

Take that to heart. Listen to it day and night until you have the courage to actually do something that scares you. Then come back and tell me about it!


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