The best of 2015

I already read a lot of these posts on other blogs and if I may say so, I really enjoy them. You can click yourself through some pretty amazing posts. Therefore I decided to do a best of the year 2015 for my blog as well! Hope you enjoy and happy reading!

best of 2015

Here are my top 10!

  1. Of course My life list. This book really changed my life in such a positive way and the making of this list was so incredibly fun, it brought me so much joy and all your reactions were just so incredible. It was also my first ever collar, which was so fun and exciting!
    I think about my list several times a day, it just brightens everything up and gives me hope and good vibes. I´ll have to structure it maybe sometime, what do you think?
    The post my travel bucket list was the first start of it all.
  2. The best post for me in my Italy Travel-Diary Series would be a little crooked everything-day 6 Italy Pisa 
  3. With the life list goes How to find happiness in the new year. That was also me sharing what I want to do in the new year to find happiness or be happy. I hope it helped you out. I definitely go back sometimes and remind myself of my own advice;-)
  4. Swimming, Calmness and Recovery – I really love this post (how does that sound?!…sorry..) because when I wrote it, I was just feeling the moment again and my hands practically moved by themselves. It was so amazing. And the result, meaning the post, constantly reminds me of that day.
  5. I am different was a way telling myself, that it´s more than fine to be different. I really needed that at that time. I hope that my words can comfort someone else as well, who´s also struggling.
  6. The ultimate guide to snacking healthy was so much fun to write and I´m actually pretty proud of the result… It was also in cooperation (no sponsorship) with (link in the post) which was pretty fun and exciting for me.
  7. The post Give relaxation as a gift-learn how to contains my best ever shots of products, or at least I think so.
  8. I have to include the way to happiness because this is just my soul, my heart…yes, I sometimes exaggerate, but I really do love it. Go read it (again;-))!
  9. The day of the arrival also has something very personal. And may I just add how well drawn that taxi is…;-P
  10. This is such a (I have to stop praising myself…) good post (it´s amazing, really!). Dear time, describes the relationship of myself and time in form of a love/breakup letter.
  11. Self-love, comparing ourself and Social Media is such a big topic for me. I really think it´s important to think about it all and address problems. This post was a big point in a journey of self-love that really helped me personally step back and love myself for who I am. Hope you do, too, ´cause you´re amazing!
  12. I write because… (for my answer, go check out that post!) A part of this post was also published in Juni Desirées Book “Fall in love with writing”, which is still such a big thing for me. Thanks my dear! Go check out her book, it´s amazing!
  13. I´ll have to add the best vegetarian lasagna you´ll ever make here, because it literally was the best lasagna I´ve ever tasted…not to praise myself, but since I´m already at it…

To finish off your top picks: The most liked posts

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Swimming, Calmness and Recovery

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And the one with the most views:

The Liebster Award

Thank you all so much for supporting me and commenting and following! You guys are the best!




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