The definition of me time

A few nights back I was sketching in my journal and my hands were writing “the definition of me time”. I´d been thinking about that for a long time. What exactly is me-time? It´s different for everyone, alright, but what is it for me and what does it mean for me. This is what I wrote down that night. Enjoy!

the definition of me time journal hearts

A time in which I can reflect on things, think clearly, be at peace with me, calm and relaxed. 
There should just be the moment and the inner peace. The pressure of tasks and time shouldn´t be present. 
These times shouldn´t be very rare, still they should be cherished and valued. 

For me, me time is when: 

  • all electronics are off
  • I do Yoga 
  • I draw or sketch
  • I read
  • I listen to music
  • I drink tea and look outside 
  • I am at the library
  • I look at the sea
  • I swim in a lake or the sea
  • I move my body
  • I run

Nothing should matter in that time, thoughts should fly and the mind should be clear. 

Do you agree? When is me-time for you?

I want you to take about 5-10 minutes now. Stop everything you´re doing. You have 10 minutes. Now take a pen and paper and write down what me-time means to you and what it is you´re doing when you say “yes, that´s me time”. You could start the way I did. For me, me time is when…

Now take that piece of paper and hang it where you can see it.
Me time is an important time. It allows us to be who we really are. To live in the moment and to unwind from stress and everyday routines.

Tell me in the comments down below what you wrote.



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I am a nature-loving, reading and writing sport-freak with a passion for traveling, foreign countries and history. Besides that I love to listen to music, sing along, paint, sketch, draw, photograph literally anything and everything, talk a lot, laugh more, inspire people and enjoy life one day at a time.

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