Yoga Channels Tested!

May I present to you…. my work of the past week!!

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No not this picture…

When I got a comment from this nice lady: Pinkemii (A quick shout out here.) it got me thinking. She was wondering if I use any YouTube video when I do Yoga and if I could recommend a good one.
Well, I started off with this video on this channel, but since that is in German it´s probably no help to you. With books, magazines and blogs I started building up my Yoga Routine and the poses I knew. I just tried around and let my body speak with me, how weird that sounds.
I also have to say that until this year, my Yoga practice has been very inconsistent. It´s true that I do 15 minutes of Yoga before bed, but that´s usually it and the routine never changes or only changes slightly. Since my one of my New Years resolutions is to do Yoga three times a week, I had to figure out something and with that comment, it gave the starting point to me opening up my mind to new things. I browsed the internet for the best Yoga channels and also just searched for videos on YouTube. I not only practiced them, but I wrote a summary and my impression down, for you to find new channels to follow and get an idea what kind of routine it is and whether it fits with you. So you can enjoy the best Yoga at home;-)!
I hope I could achieve this. If you liked this, please let me know by pressing the like button and commenting, so I know if you want a Part 2…!?

I really loved the past week. I felt my body getting better in just this week and I just loved getting back on my mat, my place of calmness and peace. Without further ado, let´s just get into this now!

Livestrongwomen: Flexibility and Range of Motion – Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles
(for her own channel click here)

This is an amazing routine for slowly, but steadily increasing the flexibility especially in the back of the legs and the core. In the video Tara Stiles first let´s you slowly ease into everything by slow easy stretches and an emphasis on the breath and the relaxation. Then you start with two different flows with amazing stretches for flexibility. The transitions are rather slow and steady, the movements are also repeated a lot in the same order so the body can adjust. You can practice this yoga class whenever you want. It´s also a great wakeup sequence to get the blood flowing gently. It´s suitable for everyone, especially beginners.

Yoga by Candace: 30 Min Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

What I love about this sequence, is that Candace first allows you to slowly ease into everything with about 5 minutes of only breathing at the beginning. She also reminds you of your breath very often and advises you to let your thoughts drift by, which I really enjoyed. I also learned three new poses in this video. All in all, I´d say it´s suitable for everyone. Beginners won´t be able to do some poses, but there are also alternatives. A little more advanced people will have an amazing flow with this and even for very advanced ones this is a sequence to return back to, since it has many poses and flows in it, which are connected very creatively. I also like her soothing voice in the voice over which tells you where to breathe and what to do. Yoga for Weight Loss 2 – 20 min version

This is the second video of two, which builds up on the first one, check it out here. This sequence is suitable for intermediate yogis, for beginners it might be a little too hard at some points in the video, I recommend starting with the first video then moving on if you´re comfortable. You should definitely feel refreshed after this video, since there are both stretches and strengthening moves included as well as some to get the blood flowing and to release tension.

Yoga with Adrienne: Yoga for the Winter Blues – Yoga for Depression

This routine get´s rid of any winter blues that might be present at this time of year and turns that into a smile and inner peace. Shaking, rolling, stretching and holding any tension away this video is amazing for both morning and evening. I definitely learned some great poses. Waking the body up, mostly getting rid of tension by shaking the body and stretching this flow is a mood booster. It´s adequate for everybody and will definitely be on my playlist a lot this winter.

KinoYoga: Yoga for Strength, Beginner Arm Balances with Kino

This routine was amazing. I´m just going to say it. Kino leads you all the way to the crow and another arm balance pose, which was new to me, over a few warm up core and shoulder strengthening moves. The only thing I recommend doing before and which is missing in the video is the hand and wrist warm up. I would advise to roll your hands and warm up your wrist before doing this practice. It could be for beginners, since it leads the way in the journey to arm balances, but it does require a lot of strength and things get harder in the video as you move towards the balances, of course. Arm balances are not the easiest and this is definitely a great way to get towards doing them. I´m going to so this video over and over until I get it right. Are you?


Photo credit: Yoga Journal-edited by myself
I do not own any of the videos, all rights belong to the creator.

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      That´s so amazing I could reach you with this post! That´s right, just go and try, practice, give it time and you´ll see what amazing things Yoga can do to you! Go you!!!
      Thanks for your words, I´m so glad it was helpful! 🙂

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