11 Mantras to Use on Your Next Long Run.

This is amazing for the cold weather runs right now. Go check out Thedancingrunner, she´s an amazing runner, like really! But now, let´s get running…


I don’t know about you, but sometimes the rigors of training for that next big marathon can wear you out not only physically, but mentally as well. As we all know…having a strong mental game is KEY to being a successful distance runner! Here are some mantras I like to always keep in my back pocket.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.17.22 AM

1. Hills are speedwork in disguise.

2. Run the mile you’re in.

3. I’m in it for the long run!

4. Those are not hills…they’re mounds of opportunity.

5. Run to start the weekend…(one of my favorites)

6. Trust your training. Hard work pays off!

7. Trust those legs, they’re stronger than you think.

8. Harder…better…faster…stronger

9. Run now…wine later (or whatever your favorite adult beverage of choice)

10. Don’t stop, get it get it!

11. Just breathe.

25192079135133312_rYyHnT2d_cWhat are some of your favorite mantras for the long run?

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