Sunny´s Weekly Summary

I´ve been procrastinating this post for so long. I don´t know why. I decided to do it today and just get it done. This week was a while back and since you wanted to know how that Yoga Festival went, I decided to let you know.
I´ll be updating you on the rest of my past weeks in the next post. From then on there will be a set day on which I will post my “Sunny´s Weekly Summary´s”… You guessed it: Sunday. I hope you enjoy this!


I still didn´t feel so fit that day, so I stuck to Yoga. Actually that was one of the days, I tested the Yoga channels on YouTube for you. There´s not much for to this day. I worked pretty long and Yoga got me out of my slut in the evening. I really loved doing it. I feel like every time I do Yoga, I totally love it and then I do strength training and think that that´s mine. Then I forget about Yoga and when I come back I love it again and say I´m going to do it again more. That´s when the whole thing starts over again. It´s sad. But I´ve set myself the goal of doing three times Yoga a week and I´m sticking to that. No more set backs….


The Yoga continues. And I´m loving it, video by video. There´s not much to say there. This day was harder than Monday and it just felt so incredibly good to let everything go.


That was the first day I ran again after my cold-knockout. It was snowing and freezing outside, so I only did a 20 minute dash, about 3.5 km. Inside I finished my workout off with 2x Blogilates PIIT workout and a bunch of other workouts on YouTube. I was really feeling the energy that day…


I enjoyed the run the day before so much, that I did a 22 minute run (About 4 km) when the sun set, it was beautiful!
I also finally wanted to work towards my resolutions of doing Yoga 3x a week as well as running. So I completed some Yoga that day as well.


That day I finally decided on buying a running watch: The Polar M400. It was late when I got home, so I did 30 minutes of HIIT at home, which was the best I could do, since I just experienced a not-so-nice let-down.



I slept quite long and still wasn´t feeling the best. I was planning on going to the Yoga Festival today, but I kind of didn´t want to, since no one had time to go with me. My will to go won in the end and I arrived at the place at around 4:30pm.
It was just amazing. I walked around a bit first. There were a lot of labels for Yoga Clothing there and food as well. I found a course that I could attend and to which I wasn´t late. It was a little like Hatha Yoga, called Iyengar, you´d hold different poses for about 1-2 minutes. The poses were basic, mostly standing, but the difference was that there were endless variations of the basic poses. I felt really refreshed and overall amazing afterwards. It felt so good to be holding poses with like-minded people.
I went to a Ayurveda Space where we were supposed to find our “Dosha” (type of person, which you “need” to know what to eat to solve your problems…sounds weird at first, but..) was so crazy. We had to stick our tongs out and these people literally told us what was going on in our life. The lady said to me that I´m very energetic, have a lot to do and also a lot of stress. Which is so true…
Anyways…I got to slip into another course which had already started, called “Yoga meets Kirtan”. This one was composed of a lot of flows, not holding poses longer than two breaths. I really enjoyed this one as well. It got me sweating a little. The end of the course was composed of different melodies everybody sung, it was weird at first, but then it was actually quite relaxing. Totally zen I left the festival at 7pm and had an asian rice pan for dinner, with a lot of Wasabi…yum! I felt great knowing I had gone there all by myself, conquered a fear and showed everybody how I am.


I kicked this day of with a yummy breakfast and a 20 minute strength workout. Afterwards I had to get a lot of things done. I finished the productive day with the leg workout of the Kayla Itsines 7-Day BBG guide trial. I´m testing it, to know if I like it and can follow through. Do you have experience with the BBG by Kayla Itsines? If so, I´d love to hear!



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