Sunny´s Weekly Summary (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my Sunny´s Weekly Summary! We´re almost caught up until now….but let´s start this, shall we? Hope you enjoy!


I started the week off with some Pilates in the morning. I´ve been doing the same routine everyday now. In the afternoon I went for a two and a half hour walk around town. It was so refreshing and beautiful outside. In the evening, just when the sun started setting, I tried out my new watch and I have to say that that thing is so amazing! I still haven´t quite worked out everything on it yet, but the fact that I now know exactly how many kilometers I ran, how fast and how long is simply amazing. That was 30 minutes and 4.16km that day. I had to stop in the middle of running, due to my back suddenly hurting. It was a pretty hurtful thing. I tried to stretch it out and had to walk a little until I could run again. That´s why 30 minutes where the most I could do without having to have fear of getting that hurting sensation back. I still don´t know what that was, but luckily I haven´t had it ever since.


Since the sun was still up and the air was clear, I decided to run to a nearby park. I don´t go there often, although it´s very beautiful there. All in all I dan 7.6 km in 50 minutes. I then finished my day´s workout with the arm workout by Kayla Itsines. My arm muscles are still in the building…meaning they´re far from strong, so that workout was pretty tough. But I made it. The way I go down in my push up can still be improved, but I did try to get as low as I possibly could without my arms totally giving up on me.


I went costume shopping that day. So I walked a lot…shopping is sport ladies! 😉 That´s what my feel told me at the end of the day when I got home. To be easier on them I worked on my Yoga arm balances for about 40 minutes.


I had my first singing lesson in my life. It went so well and I was so happy afterwards. I´ve always loved to sing, but several experiences and my lack of self-esteem held my singing at a minimum. I did the abs workout of Kayla Itsines and I have to say it really felt good. There was one exercise I was really bad at, because I´ve never done it before, but with a lot of self-talk I managed to get through it. I finished off with arm balances once more.


I helped out at the children´s carnival party in my town. The kids were so cute and there were a lot of Annas and Elsas (from Frozen)-that movie really is pretty popular here…but I have to agree it really is a really good film.
In the evening I did 30 minute power yoga, it felt so good!


The sun was shining bright that day, so I thought why not go for a run before midday…that´s what I did and that was a very good decision. I feel like the best runs I had were before midday… anyways, after my cold and my quick runs the past weeks I had time and I finally found my pace again. If you run, you´d know that that is such a feeling to find your pace. It feels like your legs do their own work, your head is clear, your breathing is in synch with your legs moving and you feel like you could go forever. You feel incredible. I felt that. I ran 9.49km in 1:11 hours, with a 5 minute break at the river I ran to. If you don´t know I LOVE water. I need water to be happy…such a shame that I don´t live at a lake anymore…
Anyways, after the run I had to be quick at taking a shower because I was invited at a friends. Driving there I felt so happy and powerful…it was so motivating.
In the evening I watched the movie “The longest ride” to reward myself. I really loved that movie…and I have to admit, I did shed a few tears…I´m that kind of person…



This day was a mess…I did managed to do 30 minutes of Core Yoga and 20 minutes of arm balances. Oh and I got to finishing some work I had on my to-do list for quite long… so it wasn´t so bad after all…



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