Sunny´s Weekly Summary (Part 3)

Officially, you´re caught up on my life after reading this. Well not exactly my whole life, but parts of it and all of my fitness life… Once again I hope you enjoy! Please do leave me a comment on what you´d like me to write about next!


After a long day of hard work and getting a lot of things done I went for a 1:12h run. 10km in total. It felt so good and just uplifting after such a hard day. That day was also the first day I didn´t do both of my challenges, because I had finished them the day before. My splits challenge and my abs challenge.

running shoes update stairs
I love stairs! They´re the perfect fitness tool. And they´re great for switching up your run and making it more effective!


I did a bit of gymnastics in a nearby park in the afternoon. I wanted to go for a run a little later, but my body was feeling sick and tired and so I stayed inside and did a little bit of restorative yoga and just rested.


I did the leg day of the 7 day Trial by Kayla Itsines and I have to say it wasn´t so hard as the first time I did it.
In the evening I went to the theater. The piece was a little depressing, but the acting was phenomenal!


This day I did the abs workout by Kayla and I also noticed it already getting easier. Such an amazing feeling!


In the afternoon I was on my way to Cologne. I did squats whenever I could and stretched every now and then, other than that the trip was composed of reading.


My first day in Cologne. I will do a post on that, no worries. But the whole day I walked around town in my new boots, which was probably not such a smart idea, because my feet where aching when I got back to the hotel. We walked for 5 hours straight, only tiny breaks. We wanted to see as much as we could of the city. In the evening I did the final workout by Kayla, which was the arm one. After that we went to a bar and celebrated Carnival with the rest of Cologne…


I got up pretty early, despite the time I went to bed that day…yes it was pretty late… I went for a morning jog at the Rhein at around 7:45 am. It felt so incredibly amazing to be jogging when the whole town was still asleep, but the water awake. I found some stairs and did some quick leg exercises. We were at the Carnival Parade after eating. 3 hours of standing. My poor feet. But it was really fun and I enjoyed the time! How do you say here?! “Kölle Alaaaf!” That´s the spirit…

Have you ever been to Cologne? What would you like to know about it? 


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Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I am a young student studying Biochemistry in Germany and blogging as I travel the world in my free time. I have a passion for all things travel, fitness, books and getting to know the lives of people from all over the world. I blog mostly about my travels, honestly and openly sharing my experiences. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of Fitness content in there as well, as I am also a certified personal trainer. So come join me in the ride that is this weird and crazy thing called life. I'm happy to have you here :) XO Little Sunshine

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