Healthy Valentines Day Treat and Snack

Before I get started on this post, I´d like to wish you a:

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As I posted on my Instagram today- let me pause. Yes, I have Instagram now. It´s taken me a long time to catch up on all the electronically social media stuff, but now I have Instagram as well! I don´t need much more than I´ve got now, but at the same time I´m enjoying what I have, still not getting caught up in anything. I think that´s the key. So if you are on Instagram, why don´t you stop over and give me a follow, so you can keep up with my ramblings on there as well (all very colorful)! My name in littlesunshine01-surprise! 😉

Since today is Valentine´s Day and I slept in long and didn´t want to make pancakes, I decided to do something with fruit and chocolate. Two of my favorite things. What I came up with, or rather what I did I will share with you now.

Btw. they are not only for Valentine´s Day. Feel free to enjoy them whenever you like! With that said, let´s get started!

Chocolate-covered Fruit and Nuts 

valentine´s Day treat recipe.jpg

What you´ll need: 

  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
    I chose Bananas, Apples, Kiwis and Oranges
  • Nuts
    I went for Walnut-, Almond-, Hazel- and Coconut
  • Dried fruit (optional)
    I opted for raisins


  • a pot/microwave
  • something to dry your fruit on, like a tray and a baking sheet

healthy valentine´s day treat

It´s pretty simple. Melt your Chocolate however you want to- in the microwave or in a water bath. Then you cut up the fruit and place them one on one on a baking sheet. With a spoon take some melted chocolate and drizzle it over the fruit. Use small and fast motions and make your way over each cut-up fruit. That way you get those stripes. If you want you can add some sprinkles to make everything more festive and cute.

chocolate covered apples bananas.jpg

Another thing you can do is just dip your fruit into your melted chocolate and place it somewhere to cool.

chocolate covered fruit .jpg

If you have chocolate left, smash or lightly cut up some nuts. Do the same with the dried fruit. Add everything to the chocolate and mix. With a spoon take out little chunks, place them on a baking tray and let cool. Finito! Now all there is left to do is enjoy! (And if you want, you can tag me in your instagram-photo, if you choose to take one, so I can see your recreations….isn´t this great?!)


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    1. Yeeeessss! Oh I was thinking about strawberries, too, but we didn´t have any and it´s not the season here. I can imagine that tasted so good. I hope you ate some for me as well;-) that excuses your overdose;-P and from time to time it´s okay to indulge. Especially you, after all your amazing runs!XO

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