A day in Cologne on Carnival

As you might have read in my Weekly Summary a bit back, I was in Cologne for Carnival. But not only for that. I saw a lot of things as well. To be exact I spent five hours walking, almost with no pause, through the city. (Note to self: when visiting a city, always bring flat shoes! I made the mistake of only bringing my new high boots and at the end of the day my feet were killing me…do not ever make that mistake)
I saw a lot of things and the city is just amazing. Everyone is as crazy as me and walking around dressed as a cute cat no one noticed me. You could only be noticed if you weren´t dressed up, because everyone was dressed up. IT was amazing! There were just astonishing costumes around. The whole day was just great. Let´s start, shall we? Enjoy!

We started with a walk through a part of the city called Rodenkirchen. The buildings are very pretty and old there. It was just very relaxing to walk there.

architecture cologne rodenkirchen bar

We stopped at the “Neumarkt” where the street carnival was already going strong. You could hardly get in and move. We did manage to get a little to the stage where we had a half a square meter for ourselves instead of a quarter. I´m not kidding. It was fun though.

Cologne carnival city street

We then bought a little bread as a snack and got away from the buzz of carnival to get to the buzz of the city and the shopping opportunities.

houses in cologne street view

We walked quite a bit. Looking at different churches along the way.

die mass building cologne

There was carnival celebrations going on everywhere. We stopped for some music here…along with some other people…

street carnival cologne

My highlight of the day: The 4911 house. The famous 4711 perfume has it´s origin here. This beautiful building had the number 4711, that´s why the perfume was called like that. The perfume was for women in a corset who occasionally fainted. They we giving a little of the perfume to smell and then got back to senses. Now there are more than only one “scent” available here. I got a very good smelling one. I´m totally obsessed with it! And please tell me that you think that house is gorgeous as well, because I really love it!

4711 cologne perfume building

Walking a little further to visit the Church “Maria im Kapitol” for my grandfather who advised me to go see it, we came across these beauties and I needed to take a photo. Aren´t those houses incredibly cute!?

cologne houses

We didn´t get to go into the church because of Carnival, but we saw it from the outside. We´ll have to come back then to really see the whole church.

church of maria im kapitol cologne

Not to forget: The dome. Just incredibly amazing, this thing. I stood before it looking up, my neck hurting. I just couldn´t get enough. And no this is not edited, this is like I saw the dome through my lens. Beautiful, isn´t it?

cologne dome

The city hall was decorated for carnival and I thought that looked so photogenic, especially after the sun decided to say hello…

house architecture cologne

…before it looked like this, which is pretty, but not overwhelming…

rhein overview cologne

With that our day walking ended. We went in a bar to celebrate, I didn´t take any pictures there, but it was really crowded…Until next time!



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    1. Thank you! I did have a ton of fun. It was really great there. Yes, it is. They´re all kind of the same but totally different….do you get what I mean?! Although I´d say may favorite is either this one or the one is Strasburg.

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