The Infinity Dreams Award

I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by bekitschig. I want to thank her very much for the honor of receiving this award. It´s been a while back, when I got it, but I´m working up on things now and as bekitschig said very correctly, that an award is a big homework. And I have a lot on my plate currently, but I managed to get to it. Again thank you so much, bekitschig! A shout out to you! Go check out her/his blog!


The Rules

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

The questions

  1. Tea or coffee
    Easy, tea.
  2. Clinton or Trump?
  3. Cd’s or vinyl?
    CDs. I´m a total CD person.
  4. Smart or 4WD?
    I have no idea what either is…can somebody please explain?
  5. WordPress or Facebook?
    WordPress!!!! I don´t have Facebook….
  6. Art or Kitsch?
  7. Screaming it out or sitting it out?
    Depends on the situation. I´m more of a person who looks for peaceful ways out of something. I don´t like to sit it out, I like to take action. But I also don´t scream it out, since that is always counterproductive
  8. Planning your goals or accept your fait?
    Planning! I. am. a. big. planner.
  9. Opportunistic or idealistic?
  10. Black and white or shades of grey?
    Black and white.
  11. Cats or dogs?

11 things about me

  1. What is your favorite cuisine?
    French. Italian. I can´t decide. I really like French but I also really like Italian. They are both amazing!
  2. Which languages do you speak?
    English (duh), German and French. And a tiny little bit of Italian….okay not so much…
  3. Do you have a favorite author?
    I have two. I feel like I always say I have two favorites…I can never decide. Maybe that´s because if one isn´t available, I´ll have a back-up plan…does that count? I hope so.
    Anyways my two favorites at the moment are Jojo Moyes and Kertin Gier. J.K. Rowling is my all time favorite, no doubt about that, but right now I´m obsessing over Moyes and Gier.
  4. Do you play a musical instrument?
    Yes, I play the violin and I used to play the guitar, but I´m afraid I forgot everything. The violin is accurate though.
  5. Do you like to garden?
    I love to garden. Unfortunately I don´t do so very often.
  6. What is your favorite kind of tree?
    I like apple trees, since I love apples..
  7. Do you visit your local library?
    Yeah, I do. I love being there and stocking up on good books and DVDs… It´s a place of wisdom, fun, relaxation and comfort for me.
  8. What is your favorite time in the day to write for your blog?
    Interesting question. That depends on the day. I like blogging in the early afternoon or before midday, but that only happens on weekends. On weekdays I blog in the early to late evening.
  9. “Old fashioned” books or e-reader?
    The real deal of course. “Old fashioned” books. Although I don´t think they are old-fashioned since the majority of people I know read real books. There are only a few people I know who read e-books. And I like visually seeing how much I read that day and really feeling the page as I turn it.
  10. What style music do you enjoy listening to?
    Mostly Pop and a little bit of Country and Rock.
  11. Which season do you enjoy the most?
    Spring and Summer. Both. Or the middle between the two. But I try to enjoy every season as much as I can, since each one has it´s own beauty.


My nominees

  1. Alifyalifestyle – a very inspirational beauty, DIY and lifestyle blog
  2. Gameplanhappilyeverafter is a blog which is intelligently trying to get you to believe in your dreams, which I am all about
  3. Hereyoume is a place to read reviews of books or movies, and read fun texts about Sarahs life
  4. Designingdreamsblog -visit her for endless positive energy and help to design and realize your dreams
  5.  For book reviews and just life ramblings of a teenage girl, visit Sincerlyreine
  6. Ashortconversation has a lot of poetic texts and poems, very well written.
  7. Eloquence&Co is a beautiful blog full of photos and amazing texts about life
  8. Whereabouts is a fashion blog, with high quality photos of and for both women and men
  9. Robertmgoldstein´s blog has incredible photos.
  10. Hellotherejade is a fashion blog, with very beautiful photos of great outfits
  11. The highheelrunner is a lifestyle blog, with some health, fitness and running

Your questions 

  1. Tea or coffee?
  2. WordPress or Instagram?
  3. What kind of music do you like listening to?
  4. Planning your goals or accept your fait?
  5. Opportunistic or idealistic?
  6. CDs or Spotify?
  7. What inspires or/and motivates you the most? Fitness or just life in general?
  8. Early bird or late owl?
  9. Do you have a role model? If so, who is it?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. What are your biggest dreams?



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Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I am a young student studying Biochemistry in Germany and blogging as I travel the world in my free time. I have a passion for all things travel, fitness, books and getting to know the lives of people from all over the world. I blog mostly about my travels, honestly and openly sharing my experiences. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of Fitness content in there as well, as I am also a certified personal trainer. So come join me in the ride that is this weird and crazy thing called life. I'm happy to have you here :) XO Little Sunshine

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