February 2016 Favorites

I´ve never done something like this, but I thought I´d just give it a try. I enjoy reading or watching these “Monthly Favorites” on Youtube or on blogs. Please do leave your thoughts below. I probably won´t be doing these often since I´m a person who uses and enjoys stuff very long, so it doesn´t make sense to do these often. Anyways…

I hope you had a great February! Mine was great!

What were your highlights?
What worked well, what did´t?
What made you happy?
What are your monthly favorites?
I´d love to know!

For a Roundup of my month click here.

February favorites 2016.jpg


My all-time favorite lipstick: “Sex and the City” by P2 cosmetics. I´ve been using this for a while now and I wear it almost every day. Totally love the consistency and the natural color.The only problem is that they don´t sell these anymore. 😦 Please, dear P2, sell them again.

My Alverde Bodybutter “Macadamianuss und Karitébutter” is one of the best bodybutter´s I´ve used in a long time. This stuff makes any dry spots I have soft as a baby skin in no time.

My night cream from Lavera “Karanija oil and organic white tea” is doing wonders with my skin. It feels refreshed in the morning and I´ve had fewer irritations.


I brought a 4711 Aqua Colonia in the scent “Juniper Berry and Majoran” home from Cologne. This smells so good, it´s the first smile I smile in the morning after getting up, when I spray this on.


I recently bought a statement necklace on sale at Accessorize and I´m loving it. It makes every outfit look much more interesting and jazzes up simple pieces. This one is similar, I couldn´t find the same one.


I just started the BBG by Kayla Itsines. My nutrition staying the same, because you should never change a winning team and I feel great with what I´m eating right now. Her program is tough, especially because I won´t quit running three times a week and doing Yoga three times a week. So that´s getting much, but I can do it. I´ll post my workout plan soon, if you like. I feel great with what I´m doing, much stronger. 🙂

My running watch from Polar “M400 hr” is so fun. I love going for runs with this and also just wearing it throughout the day and looking how many km I walked is just so motivating and fun.


I´ve been loving the song “Sax” by Fleur East. Every time I hear it I have to jump up and dance along. It´s just such a jam.

The movie “Letters to Juliet” is such a romantic beautiful movie, that makes you want to go to Italy ASAP!

What are you loving at the moment?




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