How to be a good friend

This is such an honest, touching and amazing post I feel like everyone should read this. We´ve all been in those situations in which a friend isn´t doing good and you just don´t know what to do. This will help you out. Now, please do enjoy and learn…and if you´re feeling generous today, please do share this. It is something I feel like the world has to know.

thank you. how to be a good friend

but i'm only 25

When my dad got cancer I could tell that my friends didn’t even know what to do with me… and that was ok.

They are amazing.  Seriously I can’t thank them enough for the love and support they have given me and my family through this mess.  I know it’s not easy on them either.  No one ever wants to see their friends go through something this hard.  And I feel so bad for them! It can’t be easy to be there for me.  They’re probably always wondering what to do or say when I’m around.  How am I supposed to talk to her?  What do I say?  Am I going to inadvertently insult/upset her if I say this?

So, here is my attempt at advice again.  These general ideas are working for me so maybe they’ll work for you too.

How to be a good friend to someone like me

  1. Ask me how I’m…

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