Book Review: Sheltering Rain by Jojo Moyes

I recently read Sheltering Rain by Jojo Moyes. It´s the second book I´ve read from her, the first one was “A letter from your lover” which is beyond romantic and catching. This book however is different.

jojo moyes

In Hong-Kong, 1953, Joy meets her future husband Edward on a coronation party for Queen Elisabeth. After only a day together they decide to get married. 40 years later they are living on a ranch in Irland, when their granddaughter comes to visit.

Sabine, 16-years-old, gets sent to Irland by her mother Kate to visit her grand parents, whom she hardly knows. These strangers to Sabine have strict rules, set eating times, that if one was too late, it seemed as one had committed a crime, and don´t really seem to care a lot about Sabine. She feels excluded, lost and angry at her mother for sending her over, crying her way through the day.

Her mother, Kate, has had a lot of men. Some longer, some shorter. She ran away from home when she was eighteen years old and pregnant. She hasn´t had a good relationship with her parents, always having the feeling of never living up to their expectations. To sort out some personal problems she decides to send Sabine to her parents for a while.

As times passes Sabine slowly finds a way into the ranch routine, giving horse-riding another try and slowly but steadily integrating into her surroundings. When her grandfather, Edward, is getting sicker and sicker, Kate comes over to see him one last time, only to find her daughter bonding with her mother Joy. She feels excluded and thrown back into her unpleasant childhood. Only when she finally finds the nerve to confront her ever so busy, ignorant mother with her feelings, she discovers a secret her mother has had her whole life, which will change their relationship completely.

A story of three generations, each with a different perception of love.

The story is very realistic and fairly easily written, which makes it easy to read, feel into each person and to relate to the characters. Jojo Moyes uses a lot of fancy adjectives, that make the reading experience very interesting and educating. The way she describes the feelings and happening in detail makes you really feel the story and forget your surrounding, practically living in the book.

The perspectives switch between the three women, which makes it easy to again relate to them, feel and understand why they act the way they do.

I personally loved the book and the story. The realistic and detailed way of Jojo Moyes way of writing made it good to read. I´d recommend it to anyone, looking for a good read. People who like horses and the farm life might like this, but this is also something for city-people, since Sabine is at first a complete city girl, only adjusting with time. The only thing that was missing for me was the suspense. I like to read books with surprising endings. Or at least where the ending isn´t predictable. Of course there were some turns and surprises, like in real life, but I already guessed correctly how the book was going to end.

This story is very realistic and near to real, everyday life, so if you like something like that, give this book a go!

Have you read the book? How did you like it? Are you going to read it?



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