Bakasana- The Crow Pose!!!

I´ve not been updating you on my progress in Yoga and the poses I want to master, so let me catch up on that.

A reason I don´t really update you, is because I´m a perfectionist. I´m working hard on myself to be more easy on me. It´s hard, but I´m slowly getting more relaxed. Now what does that have to do with me not updating you. Well, because I feel like first of all, if I can´t really do the pose and it looks horrible, I can´t post a picture or I don´t want to. Second, I want a perfect picture of a perfect pose. That is a lot of perfect, I know. Let me put it this way: I want a good picture of a good pose. There you have it. Now that´s not easy, because I don´t have that much time on my hands, I don´t have a photographer walking with me wherever I go, making the “seizing the moment” and of course place and background pretty hard. Those are just a few reasons I don´t update you that often. But I will try to. Maybe I should hire a photographer…no, just kidding. But the thought sounds good, doesn´t it?

bakasana crow pose yoga cluny france.jpg

This is me holding Bakasana on the ruins of the Cathedral in Cluny, France.

Getting to the pose itself. I started practicing it pretty much when 2016 started. My resolution to practice Yoga three times a week was pretty accurate then and I really wanted to be able to do that pose. Actually to be exact, I started on the pose on January 16, when I was testing out Yoga Channels on Youtube for you and I came across a video on arm balances. I was extremely bad then. I fell all the time. One time I could hold it for like three seconds, I almost fell over backwards, so I bent forwards, my muscles shaking and that´s when they gave up and I fell, chin first, hard on my mat. I had a little bruise on my chin for four days. No body really noticed it and I was thankful for that. From then on I just rocked back and forth into the pose and out again, also holding planks to build up my arm strength, which pretty much didn´t exist at that time. I couldn´t balance on my arms, I always slid to the sides of my arms and kinda stayed there. I could hold that, but that wasn´t what I wanted, so I started practicing the pose for 2 minutes every single day. It doesn´t seem like a lot, but it added up and about 2 months later I could balance on my arms. I found the balance and the spot to put my legs on. At first my legs hurt on my arm, really pinching in, but then as I got stronger there were muscles instead of bone and it didn´t hurt anymore. I kept on practicing, holding longer and longer. I started Kayla Itsines BBG almost two months ago and I could feel myself getting stronger, especially in my arms, which helped a lot with this pose.

On vacation in France I had some nice people around me, willing to take a few photos. This is me, holding Bakasana, the crow pose at the Lake Genova in Switzerland. Left and right to me it went down steep, but the weather and setting were just too beautiful!
bakasana crow pose yoga lake genova swissland.jpg

I still am practicing this pose. I want to get my legs up to my body and maybe get my arms a little more straight. This time I´ll definitely keep you updated.

Can you do this pose? Do you want to be able to do it?

XO Little Sunshine

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8 thoughts on “Bakasana- The Crow Pose!!!

  1. I love those photos and your update! Pretty impressive. I love how you practiced every day. I want to channel some of that discipline for the stretches/moves I want to do. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much, my friend, your words mean a lot to me.
      What ever you want to do, you have it in you. I know you can do it, really no matter what it is!
      Which moves and stretches are your goals at the moment? XOXO


      1. I’m working on the splits with my left leg in front and not just my right, the side splits, a standing splits, backbend, and headstand.

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