Travel Hacks for Travelling Cheaper!

Travelling. How much I love it. Seeing different, new, inspiring, breathtaking, fun, surprising, beautiful…places is something I could do everyday. Literally everyday. Probably most of you out there wish to do that, too. Travelling is experiencing the world we live in, getting to know people so different, places so beautiful. These memories last for a lifetime.

But then, why don´t we travel more?

Because of money. That´s what. Travelling costs money, a lot of it.

Not necessarily. There are ways, tips and tricks on how to travel cheaper. nowadays everyone is obsessed with the word “Hacks”, so we´ll call them “Travel Hacks”.

This post was inspired by the site PersonalCapital. If you want to know what tips PersonalCapital has then check out this post. You can also check out their personal finance software to track your spending during your adventures!

Other than that, my tips are from my experience. So from me to you. That´s right, this post is for you. You with the permanent wanderlust. Let me help you out. We´re all in this together and knowledge is everything when it comes to travelling cheaper.
Enough talking, here are my top “Travel Hacks” for travelling cheaper. I really hope this is helpful.

Travelling doesn´t have to be expensive!

Getting there

Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday

On these days ticket prices are lowest, because of the lack of business travellers.

Travel off-season

When the kids are in school and the adults are working. That´s when it´s cheapest to go. Sometimes places are up to 1/2 the price cheaper in those times, take advantage of that. If you have kids, try to travel in shorter breaks, not summer, because summer is the most expensive time to travel, since that is when everybody travels.

Plan ahead and buy tickets early

Look for deals and offers, get smart! Compare prices. If you book very early the prices are still low.

Ask and book directly at the airline 

If you book through different companies, you are also paying those companies. So book directly at your airline. If you have the time, go to the airport and talk to the staff, ask for offers and recommendations.

Take advantage of last-minute prices 

If you´re not a person who like to plan and is more on the spontaneous and flexible side, then waiting until very shortly before the flight to book might be the thing for you, since most airlines have last minutes prices and offers, take advantage of that.

Staying there – Sleeping cheap

Couch surfing

Try couch surfing. You get to know the people´s way better if you´re right there with them. You might even get to know friends for a lifetime that way.

Stay in B&Bs

If couch surfing is not your thing, then a Bed&Breakfast might be the option for you. Again try to compare prices and find what´s cheapest. Some Bed&Breakfast´s have amazing breakfasts like this one..just saying…

This is what a breakfast table looks all set in Florence, Italy.

Stay in apartments vs. hotels

Sometimes people rent their empty appartements when they are also travelling. This is a pretty cheap and convenient solution. Hotels are the most expensive on the market, so a rented appartement might be a good choice for you.

Sometimes Hotels also have tiny appartement for rent, where you can prepare your food yourself. These are not as cheap as privately rented flats, but definitely something if you´re looking to save some money and be flexible with food.

Saving while exploring – Getting around

Walk, walk, walk, baby

Where ever you can. It´s healthier and cheaper! And my grandpa always say´s you only get to know a city or place if you “walk it”. So walk, walk, walk, baby!

Watch out for Free Deals

Sometimes there are special days on which you can get free tickets to museums, monuments or theaters. Ask at the reception desk, if you´re staying at a place, or ask the locals. Pick up a free event guide. Search through the internet. There are endless possibilities, be open.

Rent a car

This is the better and cheaper option when you´re three or more travelling and want to see more than the city or place you are in.

This was in Volterra, Italy, not Great Britain. If you can rent a car like that, wow. But usually old-timers aren´t the cheapest offer. But looking at them costs nothing and makes a man and women happy as well! 😉

I´m sure motorbikes are available for rent as well, so if you have a licence and that´s yur thing, it might be the cheaper option. And you find parking spaces a lot easier.

Motorbikes in Florence, Italy, are popular.

Ask for student discounts

where ever you go. If you´re no student anymore, then skip this tip, but if you do have a student-ID then ask everywhere for discounts.

Food, eating out and saving money

Stand, don´t sit

Sitting in a bar or café can cost more than just standing. And standing is much better for our bodies anyway, soo…stand. Of course if it´s possible. There are places you can choose to stand or sit, but some places want you to sit.

Eat a large lunch

During lunch time, there are more offers and specials than in the evening when everyone is eating out. So rather have a large meal at lunch and dig in at cheap prices, than pay a lot like everybody else in the evening.

Eat at local places

The food will be much better and cheaper there. Plus, you get to taste the real local food!

Happy hours

Make them your best friend. When you do choose to eat late, wait until “happy hour” to get sometimes up to 50% of the usual prices. Most places have one, but to make sure, ask.

Drink a lot of water in advance

before you go to eat out. Water can be really expensive in restaurants. Make sure you´re not thirsty and therefore not need anything or only little.

Buy water at supermarkets

That´s where it´s cheapest. Carry water with you wherever you go! You know, staying hydrated and all, especially when you´re walking all day.

Buy food in larger supermarkets

If it´s possbile, cook at home and take your food with you. Buy everything in larger supermarkets, that´s where everything is cheaper.


Those were my “Travel Hacks”. I hope you learned something. This infographic from PersonalCapital is pretty great, to inform and help you some more.


I´m curious. Where do you really want to go?
Where will your next trip take you?
Were these tips helpful?
Do you have any additional “Hacks” I haven´t mentioned? Anything to help each other out! After you commented,

GO book a vacation NOW,
you know how to make it a lot less expensive!

XO Little Sunshine

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4 thoughts on “Travel Hacks for Travelling Cheaper!

  1. Great tips! We do a combination of most of these suggestions. We travel during the shoulder season. The advantage is smaller crowds, lower prices and generally the weather is good too. We also travel very light, only a small carry-on bag, so we don’t have to pay baggage fees and deal with lost luggage. If needed, we do laundry on a longer trip, which I prefer to having to lug around bulky and heavy bags.
    Happy travels! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn´t mention travelling light. But that is such a easy way of saving not only money, but avoiding stress, since you have less to worry about! And doing laundry is a great tip as well! Goes hand in hand with taking less with you! Love it! Thanks for the tips!
      Happy Travels to you, too, my dear!

      Liked by 1 person

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